Null/void topic - issue resolved

issue has been resolved


I was with you up to the words June 1st, but after that not so keen to jump on board. I think something has been changed in the algorithm and it had unintended consequences. As the team are still reviewing all the tickets there’s still time for things to be fixed. I’ll give them a chance.

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lol this just happen to me as well and they’re holding 3 months worth of fund without any clear explanation of you’ve been flag and it’s done deal … classic PR move.


Don’t know if you mean you’ve been flagged, (I see you posted about it in your own topic) but if it’s been “around 3 months” this might be the case:

I haven’t been earning for the past few months because I haven’t been able to set up one of those crypto accounts yet.

Glad to hear they were able to reinstate your account and everything seems to be working