Nuking Brave from Windows7 how?


I have had countless issues with Brave under Windows 7 and to a lesser degree on Windows10. With Windows7 I have spent countless hours testing and trying stuff here in Brave. As a last resort I told Brave on Windows7 to reset settings. Well here it is 10 mins later and the rotating progress icon is still rotating. How can I nuke Brave out of orbit on Windows7 here? I have yet decided whether I will reinstall it.


@fedup, I understand your frustration. Really, I do.

However, is it really that hard to believe that you may encounter compatibility running a brand new web browser (and the Beta form of it at that) on an OS that’s dated by almost a decade? Not that we shouldn’t address or fix errors for Win7 or any other older OS, but it seems as though you think this is surprising - even “unacceptable” - behavior.

If you want to remove Brave and associated data, just click start, open control panel, “Add or remove programs”, find Brave and uninstall it. During uninstall, you should be prompted to select whether or not you want to remove just the program or the program and all data associated with it:

If you think this isn’t sufficient, navigate to ~/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware and delete this entire directory. You should have a clean slate with respect to Brave at this point.

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