Now there are no ads on my working VBox VM too. Brave messed up?

Hello I have reinstalled my Brave Browser. Ads have started coming in but I still am not getting paid for sponsored images.
I also have a virtual machine on which I work and I have a Brave browser there. I have not received advertising on it at all, since the 15th. What are the reasons for this?

Will someone answer me? Why am I not receiving ads?

Yes same problem after the update 1.23.71

I’m use Vm, before the ads work fine, after the update some system was changed. You need to use must your browser i mean you need to open your browser and don’t minimize it,if you minimize it, You’ll not receive any ads from the brave software hope You’ll understand

I’ve been using this browser for over 7 hours and still don’t get any ads, just like on my main computer and on my phone.

Yes they will fix it the issue,
If you not get any ads, then clear your json file from brave, then clear cache data, like I’m use ccleaner after restart your machine and try Again

They do not recommend clearing this file, so that there would be no further problems.

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