Now it's my turn: all GOOGLE sites, Hulu SEVERAL OTHER SITES are failing to load

I have read other strings, especially the latest from Sept. '23 about this issue. But saw no resolution before that string closed.

Not all my sites are failing. Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and more =still work. But all others do not.

What is going on?

Check DNS settings, disable firewall/antivirus, clear browser cache, test without extensions, verify network, check website-specific issues, update browser/OS. If problems persist, seek help from tech forums or contact website support.

@doodles52 if you want help, you need to provide more details. What you’re doing is like me explaining below:

“I have heard about people not having waffles. Now suddenly today I went to eat waffles but I couldn’t. Why can’t I eat waffles?”

I mean, people would have to make a lot of assumptions. In that question you don’t say if you have waffles, what type, the reason you can’t eat, etc. For some people, we find out it’s because they were trying to do something silly like put the waffle mix in the toaster. In others, we find out their eggs were expired or they bought the wrong ingredients, etc.

Could it be because the waffle maker is not plugged in, therefore not turning on to cook? Maybe you tried just putting the box, uncracked egg, etc together and thought they would miracuously blend and cook? Or maybe you are sick and just can’t eat anything without throwing up, which is why you can’t eat waffles. There’s a lot of crazy things that end up seen and dealt with. Hence why it is always very important you provide as much detail as possible.

So in your situation…

This tells us nothing, especially if not linking. But most often, what happened to others is not useful. What needs to be explained is what’s happening to you.

Failing how? Does it just spin eternally? Does it give an error message? White screen? Black screen? Can you share screenshots of this happening?

Could have been helpful to mention sites here. I know you mentioned Hulu and Google, but that’s still a bit vague. Is it just videos not loading? When you say Google sites, is this Gmail, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Google Maps, Google Sheets, Google Drive, etc?

Did you look to see questions asked of people, if they were given responses? For example:

  • To make sure the browser is updated

  • Test with Shields disabled

  • Test on private window

  • Test in new profile

  • Check if happening on Chrome or Chromium?

Other thing:

You put MacOS tag, but what version of Mac? Are you on the unsupported versions that are 10.14 or older? Or you using newer Mac? Need specific details on everything you can .

This is the big question of the day. We have no clue what’s going on because you haven’t shared anything to help anyone know what issue you’re experiencing.

Since Brave states that Constructive criticism is welcome, let me state as constructively and kindly as possible, to you @Saoiray,that being overly verbose (three paragraphs) with the condescending, kindergarten-like analogy of waffles, to another adult who is definitely not in kindergarten, is not the least helpful. All that was needed is “you need to provide more details”.

Understand that I am a regular adult person who actively uses the internet, and have found myself with an extensive problem suddenly which is making it impossible to use Brave.

And I don’t agree, Saoiray, that it’s not useful to mention that I see this has happened to others many times, yet find no helpful conclusion in those other strings as to what to do. On other strings mentioning the same issues, I also see people say to remove several of what the favicons represent, which changed nothing. Problem still here. So let’s also constructively agree to disagree.

Maybe I need someone else to help on this…

Bottom line to anyone reading this: none of the following are loading at all: four gmails I use (three related to business), google calendar, an intuit page, three other business pages I use, a pubmed research page, Hulu, and other random pages. I simply get a blank purple page on all of them, plus on the tab, the unsmiling, squared off face.

What is loading fine is Google Docs, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Reddit.

I am using a Macbook Air which I purchased in late 2021. I keep it up to date.

No, this is not happening on another browser. I have transferred a lot of the sites I need to see to Firefox, and all are fine there.

When I tried to see which was the last Brave update I did (which I think was within the last month or so) by going to Settings, it goes to another solid purple page, plus the squared-off unhappy face on the tab, and this time is shows “Crashed”.

These are the favicons to the right of my address bar…

Feedback, adult to adult, greatly appreciated.

Perhaps. But it gets old when people just hop in and provide no information. They even don’t spend time searching for similar issues or solutions. Just come in extremely vague and make people like me or Support waste a lot of time to dig and ask questions, wait for answers, and then follow-up.

If I said I’ve seen lots of people saying that they haven’t eaten waffles, what does that tell you? Seriously, @doodles52 , I’ve seen a lot of people saying they can’t eat waffles? Why? Solve their problem!!! Tell me, why can’t I eat waffles right now?

Is that helpful? Can you sincerely provide any information? Do you have any clue who the people are or what their situations had been? That’s why I said it’s useless. Key factor here is that no information is being given. No context clues on what their issue might have been, what was attempted to fix anything, etc. The same with your own issue. So if not providing information, it is not helpful to anyone.

These are a bunch of extensions. An overwhelming amount of issues tend to fall into compatibility issues with extensions or their settings.

Again, when you mentioned seeing other strings, it would have been good if you mentioned how you noticed people suggest trying with Shields off, in Private window, or in a new browser profile. Then you’d have made attempts at this and let us know the results. This didn’t happen. So, can you:

  • Turn off Shields. Does anything change?

  • Open in a new private window and see if it happens there?

  • Go to hamburger menu image → More Tools → Add new profile and create a profile. This will have a secondary profile with most default settings, no extensions, and no cookies. Test it there without making any changes. Does this resolve issues?

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@Saoiray, I can understand something getting old. But it would help for you to treat another adult like an adult instead of a three paragraph, condescending analogy that was far from helpful. Or perhaps consider taking a break from this forum. No one is going to be perfect when they come to this forum, Saoiray. All that’s needed is simple guidance as to what would help to explore or explain. I had to get through a lot of useless carping from you before I got solid ideas to explore–the last three bullet points of the previous post.

Thanks Shoaib767. I will explore your direct ideas.

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