Novomber payout not recieved like october too hey STEEVEN

Hey steeven last month and this monthbmy payout is not recieved to mybuphold address . You said last month that I shared this problem with the payment team . So what is the result please explain to us @steeven @chriscat

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Unfortunately, me too

I Dm my email to steeven, one month past, but still do not received my previous month payout

It is true, they promise that they will be paid and the problem is not solved I have payments since August and the first payment has not yet reached me and they always say “payments are being processed” when the payment process ends they say I wait for the next one and so they go already 3 months and I do not get an answer to my problem.
I hope a solution soon, because this is not what they promised when I signed up for the program.

@Rezareza please see DM.


Me too :pensive: i don’t understand the problem… 3 month

@steeven I’m still waiting for an answer to my problem. Please help me it’s 3 months without receiving payments.


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