November Desember Not Received Payment


My Uphold Acount is Verified
Already Received before
but from Desember payout and this month i dont receive an automate payout to my uphold account

please tell me how to received it
all data are valid

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Same here, must have opened 500 ads in December, didn’t get a single pay out.

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im somewhat new to brave, so i dont know if this date is the same for everybody or is dependent on the day you started using brave rewards. check your next payment date in the brave rewards tab, its worth a shot lol

The next payout is scheduled for January 5th.

I know the date is 5th every month

5th des 2020 i did not received it too

My last payment are at 5 nov

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and december not pay…

that not include some BAT that i lost when i reinstall my Computer

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We have a known issue that the team is currently investigating.

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i sent you DM … please respond… need re install PC ASAP… Brave Data will lost

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