November 2022 Brave Creators Payout missing for Gemini (Banned Country) --> only pay to Uphold (Banned Coutry)

Hi Team,
As inform on your Reddit/twitter, the banned country (uphold/gemini) will receive BAT for last creators payment to clear BAT for those creators. But I used Gemini (banned country) and I don’t receive BAT from this payout.

Could you please re-check and let me known if this is missing from you

Maynal Haque

You should raise a ticket I suppose. Raise one at

@saltybanana @Evan123 please look into this.

Payouts are still ongoing. It’s too early to be doing tickets. Keep an eye out at November 2022 Creators Payment to see when it shows payments are complete.

They only start to PROCESS on the 14th. Doesn’t mean you’ll receive it on the 14th or 15th. Just have to be patient.

Also is important, it’s not a banned country. There’s a difference between support for linking to a custodial partner and banning a country. Just saying…

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Yeah, the payment process is just started, but what’s worrying is the creator account page showing no more “payment processing” but from today morning “next payment December 13th” (Gemini, Italy).

@miho171 Yeah, like Chriscat mentioned, anyone not in a supported region should be getting their last pay now so that there’s no more BAT in their Creator account. From then on, you won’t be seen as Verified and therefore won’t be able to receive tips or receive payouts until the country is added again.

That said, it they really do add it by the end of the year like their goal has been, then that might just be another month or two. I do know come around April/May, there’s a lot of really awesome things going on and we should all be happy/excited. It’s just dealing with all the waiting until then.

Because the time (and all what happened inside) I lost all the excitement. Even with new way to withdraw, new partnership and new features I drop it, it means simply selling all my BAT and stop collecting. Hard time for crypto companies, we all know it, but to me seems more fair exchanges that email you saying they screwed up and take away the withdrawal possibility that what Brave-Gemini did it, giving away future links the day after been paid in profile. also you can’t build a tipping ecosystem without been able to tip who the @ you want, even if it’s yourself, since the privacy around the browser should avoid anyone (brave team included) knowing it’s really an auototip (in the end the ads are arrived to someone, so what’s the problem). then the releases, apart having a different bug every month you have to pass from one of the worst intermediate ever created (can’t call Uphold an exchange, try any swap and see the fees) or one almost entirely US focused (no earn feature outside us, no Gemini card, and now no more brave in it). Yeah, financial regulations, I know, but is the team that should find others to work with, or atleast close the rewards in all the countries where vBAT can’t never be BAT, one reason or another.

Meanwhile payouts are completed, nothing received :+1:

Same here… All the excitement about the new features is fizzling out :woozy_face:

thank you. i will Create a tickit for this

Payouts Complete now but i still don’t receive BAT from my Creator to my Gemini. Let re-check the missing and fix it.

please see my Screenshot for more details.

Notes: Last monthy I still received BAT to my Creator to my Gemini (I confirmed that my gemini still verified)

Maynal Haque

Yeah, good on Brave’s side. Sometimes takes a little longer to process. But the solution is still the same, which is the support ticket that @SmartyAadi linked you to. Then they’ll investigate. Make sure you do the form for Creators if it’s creator related.

Thank you. I just Created one ticket on
Hold that the missing will be fixed

Maynal Haque

Probably gotta do something with the freezed Deposits & Withdrawals on Gemini yesterday. Gemini had paused functions because of the fall of FTX.

If you to the above and scroll, in the past incidents you can check that Withdrawals were paused.

@Mattches @steeven let check this issue. thanks Team

As announced on your Reddit/twitter, banned country (uphold/gemini) I read the announcement that will receive BAT for the last creator payment to clear BAT for those creators for the month this. and i also used Gemini (indica banned country) and i don’t get BAT from this payment.

Can you please check and let me know if you are still missing this account

Best regards,

they will answer what they want. If they work transparently there would be a post on twitter or somewhere about this issue.

For anyone encountering this issue, please submit a ticket to us using the following form:

If you’d like, you can reply here with your ticket number so I can ensure someone takes a look.

Thank you.

yes sir. I Created a ticket and waiting for your respond

Thank you

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