Notifying unverified twitter users of tip

Hi brave, you guys rock and I’m really rooting for this project.

Feature request: I’m feeling very enthusiastic about the tips for individual tweets, because I think this kind of feature is the most powerful way to rapidly grow the community. The button is convenient enough that I can imagine I’d easily tip hundreds of tweets (it’s basically a drop-in replacement for the ‘like’ button), and that almost all of those tips would be some user’s first exposure to the BAT ecosystem.

However, that dream isn’t quite workable for me right now because I don’t have a convenient way for unverified users to be notified when I tip them – I don’t want to post a tweet every time I tip, that’s not what my twitter is for, and it’s too inconvenient/personal for me to send a direct message myself. So, right now I don’t actually use this tipping feature because there isn’t much point without notifying the recipients.

If brave registered a twitter bot to automatically notify unverified users when they get tipped, then I would send lots of tips. I realise you guys have plenty on your plate, but it feels to me like this would be a good priority because it’s such low hanging fruit with such high return: the twitter API makes this kind of thing very straightforward to throw together, and it’s a world easier to automate this than notifying unverified websites etc. So, I think it could help BAT reach a lot of potential users much more quickly, and you’ve already done 90% of the work to make it happen.


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I echo this. It would be really great to see this functionality incorporated and seems like low hanging fruit. A twitter/github/reddit solution like this would go a long way towards expanding the Brave/BAT community and vision.