Notify users when their account/wallet has been flagged

If this feature is already available I cannot find it. If it is already available, please let me know where to look!

Feature Request: Send a notification when a user’s wallet has been flagged or display a “Flagged Status (On/Off)” somewhere like maybe under Wallet Info in brave://rewards-internals. A user will be notified if their wallet has been flagged or can just go check themselves. I would prefer it be displayed somewhere I can check myself at any time. I do not always have notifications turned on.

When a user’s account/wallet has been flagged they are not “eligible to receive or earn from Brave Ads.” (from a Help Center Topic) My wallet was flagged, I think when I had problems verifying my Gemini wallet. The flag was removed by a Rewards Support moderator (thank-you @SaltyBanana!) after asking for help. It would have been nice going in to know that my wallet was flagged and that is why I was not receiving/earning from ads.

Yes! But knowing the wallet is flagged does not solve the problem. The flag indicates a problem and they need to supply the steps for resolution. Otherwise, there will be more unresolved blogged post and more burden put on a thin crew. Excellent user diagnostics will help solve thousands of requests! This is a beginning!


Saw this in Brave’s Github Rewards Client Roadmap.

Add error messaging in Rewards settings if user cannot see Ads

I wonder if an account/wallet flag is going to be one of the error messages… hmmm. Keeping my fingers crossed! :laughing:

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Well, well, and Woot! Woot!

Implement flaggedWalletModal. #12456

Looks like it is already on Nightly and Beta. Hopefully will get to the Release version soon.

Edit: Want to add link to new article in Brave Help Center. Looks like they are changing the entire “unflagging” process to be a more automated process.

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Implemented in Brave version 1.37.109. Yeah! Screenshot from a topic where this was indicated below. Thanks to @lastbutnotleast for screenshot.


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They should have added it in the release notes then Release Channel 1.37.109

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