Notification that says I have used all my uphold slots came up

Over the past few months I noticed I am not getting brave rewards and today I got a notification that verification failed because I have “used all my uphold slots.” I know we are limited to 4… I have a phone, desktop, and laptop connected but have tried dev versions. I no longer have access to those old versions of Brave… How can I reset my 4 slots or what can be done?

From what I have gathered, there is no way to reset unfortunately. Brave is trying to work with Uphold on this from what I know, but Uphold is very unforgiving at the moment. 4 device max limit means, even if you have previous versions no longer used, they still count. And the dev versions count towards it as well. So if phone was first, desktop 2, laptop 3 and dev on whichever is 4, then thats it. I have not personally seen this used all uphold slots notification, but I would guess it happened when you connected the 5th device maybe? Because I have heard about it I have not connected anymore. I too am maxxed out at 4. And if I knew this before I went hog wild, I never would have connected an old PC to it.

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Yep, agreed. I didn’t find out about this limitation until I started playing with the betas/nightlies. I’m a techie at heart and I wanted to explore the product. I’m well past five since I have tried betas on Desktop/Laptop. This is a pretty awful limitation. I’m not trying to game the system, I don’t want more than 3-4 active devices… Also some better warning would have kept me from connecting the betas to uphold.

Better warning yes I know. But as others have stated, we do wish there was a way to get rid of older devices. Even if there was some cool down period invovled, that would still be better. I mean let’s face it. I am stuck with a few options now. If this laptop fries, I’m stuck using a slow arse outdated dinosaur computer to keep using brave. If I get a new phone, my current phone will have to be used on wifi everyday just to keep using brave. If this phone suddenly won’t turn on, good bye. There has been theories I have read about where people think Gemini may me a new wallet option. And of course Brave is supposed to be working with Uphold on this device issue. But that has been a year(s) now. So who knows when it will and if it will happen.

And for me it isn’t even about gaming the system. I do not think you can quadruple your odds at having 4 Braves up at once. I think it is more like you share the wealth as to say. Never have I been able to like get over 21 ads per device in a day. So it is not like there would be ways to cheat more ads. I just wanted to replace Edge and Google with Brave on all devices. So when I do something on one, I can at least browse on it with the potential to see an ad.

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