Notification History With Sources Critically Necessary

When I’m busy doing something or away from my computer I don’t want to miss the 5 second notification that pops up and runs away.

I want to be able to scroll through them all and know where they came from so I can act accordingly

On a similar note…

Mixed in with my expected and know notifications, lately I’ve been getting notifications from an unknown source. I like them but want to know where. I may have even signed up for them here on Brave or something.

They all seem to be crypto and decentralized themed links. I thought they were emails or something but I checked and they’re not. I have 4 windows and several tabs but only YouTube,, and InfoGalactic open.

I don’t know if they are ads or notifications but they link to GitCoin, Bitsane, CoolWallet S, ETHSimple, STX.SWISS, Wanchain, etc. I’d like to scan a list to post some on

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Me too, same issue for a few days! It’s crazy and VERY annoying! I don’t care if I can like the content or not, it’s just terrible to receive unknown notifications from nowhere by someone you don’t even know.

Quick question (because I’ve some doubts) : have you installed something related to Blockstack recently, on your computer? Because I have, and first notifications appeared at the same time. Maybe just a coincidence.

I can’t even imagine these notifications have been sent by Brave’s team.


@stephane42 @JasonCarswell,
You may have Brave Ads enabled under brave://rewards . If you have this option enabled, Brave will show you Brave Ads as system notification.

If you don’t want it, you can disable it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I know it’s ages later, and I’d forgotten to update this post, but I determined that I did have Brave Ads active. Nonetheless, IMO it’s still critical that there be a history of notifications, even if it’s full of ads or not.