Notification enabled but not working

Great @someone585858

if you have same problem, just enable Google Services for Push Messaging like this :

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Hi Mattches, I have Google push notifcations enabled AND I have Notifcations settings set to allow sites to ask. Only popular sites like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, and Trading View are successfully asking for notications when I visit them. But news site like are not asking. How do I solve this?

Did you do anything to get it to work?

Because on my Oneplus 7T Pro push notifications (still) don’t seem to work. On the website for example the push notifications do work on Chrome, but not with Brave. The websites asks to push notifications, in the site settings push notifications are allowed, but in the end notifications are not pushed.

Im having the same issue. I’ve tried everything in this thread and nothing has worked.

Im using macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and I have the latest version of Brave (1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121). I only receive notifications from one particular site ( even though I have a bunch of other sites in “allow”, the one that I really care and is not working is gmail (I have google services messaging enabled)

Any help would be much appreciated since this has become a big deal breaker for me now (i’ve had this problem since I started using Brave in June) @Mattches

I already enabled Google Services for Push Messaging like github guide and allowed all notification on gmail website but it still doesn’t work when opened the browser! Any solution for me?gmail|359x500