Notification enabled but not working

It doesn’t. It just disappears, and no new tab opens.

I was unaware but I’m seeing now that we have an issue filed for this already:

I’ve added your report to the thread as a +1 as well and pinged/reached out to our Product team to get the issue bumped up in priority.

Thank you for the update

Any clue when they are gonna have this fixed? Still getting a lot of ads I can’t link to.

@Mattches Hi all. I told you that I have read this thread carefully. I have the same problem do not work any notification in my Brave browser. Not Brave Android or Brave Windows.

I tried some of the options mentioned above and the results are still negative.

I use the Android version more frequently and specifically the problem is that the pop UP to deny or accept notifications on the sites, is totally frozen

Here I send you a small screen recording as an example. I need help please.

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Still waiting for a fix


Is there any update?

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Hi, I can also confirm that there are problems with Push Notifications in Brave. I was using them successfully in Home Assistant with Google Chrome. In Brave, after switching notifications to ON " image I get error in HA log:

I also can see that sometimes devices are successfully registered in HA’s html5_push_registrations.conf file, but PN still does not work. After refreshing HA page the PN switch is OFF again… Unfortunately I cannot find any more info in HA logs.
Windows 10
Brave 0.65.118

On android version of Brave, the switch remains ON, device is saved in html5_push_registrations.conf, error in HA log occurs and PN also don’t work.


As of today I still do not receive push notifications on Brave Android.

I must say that I have received Brave reward push notifications and the “configure as default” notification. But no push notification of websites are activated, examples: Twitter, Facebook, Brave community …

I use Huawei Mate 9 phone with Android 8.0, the Brave version is 1.0.95 .

I await a solution or even a confirmation that this issue is addressed for a future update solution.

Hello again, Is there any update? @Mattches

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I’ve tried to find a work around (and have with Checker for Gmail / Calendar), but haven’t had any luck for Drift / Outreach / Linkedin. All of which I use for work. I’ve chatted with the support team at Drift and they seem to think it’s definitely a Brave issue. Any help getting this straightened up would be huge, otherwise it basically renders the browser useless without notifications for my use case


Yesterday I received a new update of Brave on my phone. Surely they have corrected issues that the user does not see at a glance, well for that reason.

But we continue to receive updates and the issue of push notification of the websites is not corrected.

Unfortunately it is a feature that I need to use the browser.

I think you should review it with priority.

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Still no fix, and silence from Brave. “Oh try our new browsers with this super cool feature that doesn’t work for a huge percentage of it’s users. Also be sure to tell you friends about it.” Oh you can bet I am telling all my friends about this awesome broken feature.