Notification enabled but not working

It doesn’t. It just disappears, and no new tab opens.

I was unaware but I’m seeing now that we have an issue filed for this already:

I’ve added your report to the thread as a +1 as well and pinged/reached out to our Product team to get the issue bumped up in priority.

Thank you for the update

Any clue when they are gonna have this fixed? Still getting a lot of ads I can’t link to.

@Mattches Hi all. I told you that I have read this thread carefully. I have the same problem do not work any notification in my Brave browser. Not Brave Android or Brave Windows.

I tried some of the options mentioned above and the results are still negative.

I use the Android version more frequently and specifically the problem is that the pop UP to deny or accept notifications on the sites, is totally frozen

Here I send you a small screen recording as an example. I need help please.

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Still waiting for a fix


Is there any update?

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Hi, I can also confirm that there are problems with Push Notifications in Brave. I was using them successfully in Home Assistant with Google Chrome. In Brave, after switching notifications to ON " image I get error in HA log:

I also can see that sometimes devices are successfully registered in HA’s html5_push_registrations.conf file, but PN still does not work. After refreshing HA page the PN switch is OFF again… Unfortunately I cannot find any more info in HA logs.
Windows 10
Brave 0.65.118

On android version of Brave, the switch remains ON, device is saved in html5_push_registrations.conf, error in HA log occurs and PN also don’t work.


As of today I still do not receive push notifications on Brave Android.

I must say that I have received Brave reward push notifications and the “configure as default” notification. But no push notification of websites are activated, examples: Twitter, Facebook, Brave community …

I use Huawei Mate 9 phone with Android 8.0, the Brave version is 1.0.95 .

I await a solution or even a confirmation that this issue is addressed for a future update solution.

Hello again, Is there any update? @Mattches

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I’ve tried to find a work around (and have with Checker for Gmail / Calendar), but haven’t had any luck for Drift / Outreach / Linkedin. All of which I use for work. I’ve chatted with the support team at Drift and they seem to think it’s definitely a Brave issue. Any help getting this straightened up would be huge, otherwise it basically renders the browser useless without notifications for my use case


Yesterday I received a new update of Brave on my phone. Surely they have corrected issues that the user does not see at a glance, well for that reason.

But we continue to receive updates and the issue of push notification of the websites is not corrected.

Unfortunately it is a feature that I need to use the browser.

I think you should review it with priority.

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Still no fix, and silence from Brave. “Oh try our new browsers with this super cool feature that doesn’t work for a huge percentage of it’s users. Also be sure to tell you friends about it.” Oh you can bet I am telling all my friends about this awesome broken feature.

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I’m going back to Firefox until they fix this problem.

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It is a real shame. I love the interface, the design, the speed, the privacy of Brave, But the user experience decreases considerably without push notifications. (How it has for example Samsung internet browser.).

I just want you to listen to the users and add brave features as soon as possible.

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I use Windows 10 did not work with me too


We hear you – we also want to add new and exciting features asap. However, we do have requirements and priorities on fixes/issues/features set up the way they are deliberately. Trust me, if we could give you all the features right now, we would. But given the context it’s not always as straightforward as that.

That said – this has been a long standing issue and I too would like to see it resolved. I’ll be barking about this internally and see if we can get this moved up even further in priority.
Thank you for your understanding.

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@Mattches I understand! Do not misunderstand, nor intention is not bad. Excuse me if you thought it was very aggressive.

I am very anxious and that is why I express myself effusively. I wait without problems. But try to keep users aware of the progress of this problem, if possible.


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No worries – bonus points using effusively in a sentence correctly :slight_smile:


New update released. Thought maybe they fixed the issue, but nope, still same thing. Upon launching with the latest update today it worked for only one ad, and then it went back to just closing when you click the ad link in notifications. Sad