Notification enabled but not working

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I’m still waiting for your help on this problem @Mattches


Same , desktop notifications is something that really important for me , and if i’m not able to use it , I won’t have any choice , and I will have to change to a browser that notifications are working there , once I find out this issue is fixed , I will install Brave again , please , take care , really important for me


@eljuno @Mattches ??

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Thank you for pinging me about this. I’ll see what I can get done about this and get back to you soon. Really appreciate everyone’s patience


I’m starting to lose my patience actually


Once again there is an update and once again it didn’t get fixed yet…


There has not been a fix as we don’t really have any data on it. Here are some things you can try:

  • Download the Beta or Developer channel builds – all Brave release channels can be installed (or uninstalled) in parallel without interfering with one another so no risk involved here for your data. Browse a few sites as normal that you know will request to send you notifications – stick to sites that don’t have issues specific to them. See if you get the same behavior.
  • Try clearing your browsing data/cache – I’m not confident this will fix the issue but we’ve had a few caching issues recently that presented in ways I hadn’t anticipated so it’s certainly worth trying.
  • Are you connected to a VPN? If so, try to solicit a notification from a website with the VPN turned off.
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New user of Brave here, can confirm I am receiving this issue as well.


Also a brave user. I’m on mobile (android) and haven’t gotten a notification from any site I’ve allowed them on, including this one. The only exception I’ve had is this site.


I have the same problem and I still can not find the solution.


Can confirm. It has been a major bug for a long time now.


  1. Sign in to Telegram (
  2. Enable notifications
  3. Close the tab

Receive notification at any time without tab opened

Not receiving notification in Brave. In Chrome, receiving all.

Windows 7 64bit, Brave version 0.63.55

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@Mattches @alex @Asad @luke.mulks @kamil @sriram !
Is there any fix?

No fix implemented yet, but we did find the culprit and get movement on it – we’ve opened this associated issue to capture the process:


Same here, I’m not getting any notifications. Well actually I get a notification on my taskbar beside the time and date, so I never see them until much later. I click the notifications there, and I guess they expired because when I click them they just disappear, and I get no ad. My friend says he gets a msg. I have the same settings as his, and as others have posted here. All checks out, but somethings nothing right. If I’m only going to get the taskbar notification then I will always miss them as I refuse to enable the annoying windows notification sounds. It’s ruined a lot of my screen captures vids, so I had to disable. Know what I mean Vern?


I keep getting crypto notifications in my action center, and it is really annoying. I think I’m about done with this browser. I rarely ever got anything in my action center. Like I could easily go a month with nothing there. Now since I started using Brave, I get no ad to generate BAT, but I get a lot of action center crypto garbage. This feels like 1995 with all the spam I’m getting. I was so excited about this whole thing, but now it’s just annoying, and completely flawed.

What you’re seeing are a result of the recently implemented Brave Ads feature. Note that this feature can be disabled at any time – I believe that it’s actually a bug for it to be enabled by default (will look for the issue and link to it shortly).

See our Ads documentation for instructions on how to disable
Brave Ads FAQ for further questions.

Yeah I know what your ad feature is. I enabled to generate BAT. It only give Crypto notification in the action center, and never gives me an option to actually watch an ad. Why would I keep getting nothing but crypto notifications? I was under the impression that we would get a msg asking if we wanted to watch an ad, but so far this is just filling my action center with crypto garbage. Again there is no way to even watch an ad, so it’s just junk going into the center.

If you click on the notification when it pops up, it will open a new tab with the advertisement in it.