Notification enabled but not working


We hear you – we also want to add new and exciting features asap. However, we do have requirements and priorities on fixes/issues/features set up the way they are deliberately. Trust me, if we could give you all the features right now, we would. But given the context it’s not always as straightforward as that.

That said – this has been a long standing issue and I too would like to see it resolved. I’ll be barking about this internally and see if we can get this moved up even further in priority.
Thank you for your understanding.

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@Mattches I understand! Do not misunderstand, nor intention is not bad. Excuse me if you thought it was very aggressive.

I am very anxious and that is why I express myself effusively. I wait without problems. But try to keep users aware of the progress of this problem, if possible.


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No worries – bonus points using effusively in a sentence correctly :slight_smile:


New update released. Thought maybe they fixed the issue, but nope, still same thing. Upon launching with the latest update today it worked for only one ad, and then it went back to just closing when you click the ad link in notifications. Sad

Please note that this particular issue is in reference to general push notifications from websites, separate from Brave Ads. We do have some troubleshooting help for that as well:

I’m using Brave Android and up to this day I haven’t experienced any push notifications yet even though I’ve turned on the site permissions and turned off the battery optimization for Brave in my phone settings. I tried simulating using the permission site and the bennish site and I can confirm that they are not working.

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It’s not that I do not see ads notifications. it’s that they simply disappear and so not open to the link when I click on them.Once in a blue moon one will actually work. So far it’s only been about 4-5 out of all the ad notifications I’ve received. It’s clearly broken, and it’s not because on my inability to read, and understand how it works.

Hi There,

I have the same issue as mentionned. I receive ads and if receive notifications for what’s app if the window is actually opened. Nevertheless, i have never received any notifications from Gmail, Outlook, and other websites that i have pinned as a webapp and should work in the background.

I have off course enabled notifications, allowed synchronisation in the background and even enabled the flag for native notifications. It’s a shame because i really love this project, but giving the bugs encountered (i should mention the syncing that works barely as well and is always cancelledby itself between multiple devices) i can assume that if Brave doesn’t treat us like products, it treats us for sure for Beta Testers


Any news?
Running v 0.67.125 on macOS
still do not get any notification I allowed like YoutTube, Facebook and WhatsApp.

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In my case, no improvement! Everything remains the same and nobody responds to the request.

In my case, the Rewards didn´t work too. I only received some advertising when I installed Brave. After reboot no more messages from Brave :frowning:

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Any news ? @Mattches

Thus, when installing Brave a window appears offering the activation of the rewards. and allows you to accept or deny

After that no pop-up window (how requests for notifications on websites) works. Each time pop-ups appear, it simply freezes and there is no option.

Still not working. Half a year has gone by and still no fix. Now they are just ignoring these posts.


Problem update For Brave installed on an LG phone with Android 7, notifications work correctly.

Unlike my Huawei phone with Android 8 That never worked.

Attached screenshot, and I hope to add this to solve the problem…

Hiii again !!
any updates ?

They said the new build has issue resolved, but I am still getting the same problem. So no fix for me

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For me it was fixed! You are a problem of another application that overlapped and did not allow you to enable notifications in the pop-up window!

Which version of Brave did you install @adrymate9 ?

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@joee I use the latest version of Android on Github. If I remember correctly it is 1.6.1.