Notification ads - could they disappear automatically?

Hi there,

I am using the Brave browser now for quite some time. I like the concept. And I accept the notification ads showing up on a regular basis being a part of this.

But what really annoys me is, that there are not disappearing by themselves after let’s say 30s or something. So to always click away the ads is pretty annoying and distracting while working. any changes planned?

what do you think?

I think google geprogrammed it already. They did it with me with avast, they turned it into a tracker. They are really good I can know it. Believe me. You should test if brave still blocks scripts, otherwise you need a new one.



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Hi @chris_s - thanks a bunch for the feedback. This is something that we’re actively exploring as a team, how to create the best experience for all parties. Thanks again for taking the time to write in!

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