NOTICE: Users with iOS transfer issues must submit claims by Friday, May 21st

We are wrapping up issues and releasing BAT owed to the remaining users who have encountered the iOS one time transfer issue (see below). If you were unable to transfer your iOS balance to your desktop device, please see the instructions in the original thread linked below and send me (@Mattches) a DM with the requested information.

We will be take new claims/requests through this Friday (May 21st, 2021) – after which we will no longer accept them.

If you have already sent this information and have not yet received your BAT that was stuck/lost in the transfer:

  • We may be waiting on additional information from you before we proceed, please check your DMs and ensure you’ve provided all requested information.
  • Otherwise you are very likely already on the list of remaining users set to receive their BAT – no other action is required and you should see the changes in your balance reflected soon.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we work through this issue and hope to have everyone’s BAT returned and all requests processed by the end of the week.

Thank you.


Note that we are no longer taking iOS submissions. If your information was sent before the 21st and you have not received a response, don’t worry your case will still be addressed.

Thank you.

Due to volume of users still making iOS transfer requests, I will continue to accept them – please send all the requested information from the first post to me (@mattches) as a DM:

  1. Make the subject line of the DM iOS transfer information so I can easily see it.
  2. Send your wallet payment ID for your iOS device, found on the by going to Menu --> Settings --> Rewards --> Rewards internalseven if you’ve already sent this to me before, please send it again to avoid any confusion.
  3. Whether or not you installed Brave and enabled Rewards on iOS after December, 15th 2020 .
  4. Whether or not you have a verified Uphold account
  5. How much BAT you had on your iOS wallet before the December 15th, 2020 cutoff date

Thank you.