NOTICE: Users verified with Uphold who have not received payment

Only received 0.25
It’s not entire

Still absolutely nothing for me

received my rewards .thank you brave team and devs.


wait for some time. mostly user are getting today. you’ll also get yours

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received mine
thank you!


As everyone may have noticed, this issue should now be resolved. We appreciate everyone’s patience and apologize for the confusion.


Received mine also but and received less amount

Well it’s not for me, still nothing.

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Still now not received 1 wallet payment…is there any hope to receive it??

Never lose hope, it will eventually process. I remember mine two months ago, ended up processing way later than the rest back then.

thank you

I received my missing payment yesterday

Considering how many times they’ve already announced “problem solved everyone!” Before even asking anyone if it is. No, I don’t hold out hope for my own.

Still not recieved my payout @Mattches

already get my payment from March . Thank You

never have that lucky !

@Mattches I didn’t receive my March payments… I’m verified Uphold user and i’m waiting for 14 BAT… Can you help me please ?


Lets hope that we all receive april rewards next month with out any problems

There is no indication on my rewards card about the pending April rewards… Usually there is an indication as to when will the month’s accumulated rewards would be sent on the rewards card on the landing page.

anybody facing same issue?
Hopefully my April rewards aren’t lost… 5+ BAT :confused:

@utopian It can take a few hours. This may be relevant, what is your time zone?

still no MArch rewards !!!