NOTICE: Users verified with Uphold who have not received payment

UPDATE: This issue is now resolved and payments should have been deposited into your Uphold account. Thank you for your patience.

For users who are properly verified with Uphold but have not yet received payment, this is confirmed to be an issue that the team has identified and are working on a fix for presently.

Note that when resolved, any/all funds owed to you will be transferred to your account (there will be no loss in BAT). We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. We will update this post when the issue is fully resolved.

Thank you.


Thats good to know. Thank you :pray:


I appreciate the notice


Thank you for the notice.


finally the issue is acknowledged


Namaste for Answer ! Great Community !

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Thanks for finally acknowledging us :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know. “There will be no loss in BAT” was all I wanted to hear.

I received mine 2 days ago.

brother are you from india


Hello I am with verified Gemini wallet and I received just 2 BAT with expecting almost 5 BATs. What I can do to receive them or i have to wait?

today is 26th April, still we are waiting for march month rewards :melting_face:


Anything on verified Gemini users?

Thank you @Mattches for the update and the recognition of the issue.

Does this include the people who use Uphold on multiple devices and only got a partial payment? I am having this issue now and haven’t gotten any resolution to it.

In short, I have two devices connected to same Uphold and only got payment (around 5.3 BAT) for one of it for March, while for the device I am supposed to get 5.7 BAT I didn’t get anything.

I got a DM from @steeven 's which said there will be a single payment for multiple devices from, but clearly I got paid for only one of my devices in total, if there is a single payment I should have received around 5.3+5.7 = 11 BAT.

I hope the fix is also including this issue, if you can let me know if it is the case with a short message that would be great.



For any Gemini users here:

  1. Please try restarting your browser and checking to see if you have a new claim option, or check to see if the funds have been transferred already as the issue with Gemini payments is already resolved.
  2. Please open your own thread or contribute on one of the many currently open threads on Gemini payment issues.

Thank you.

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No brother i am not from India

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Anyone reading this with Gemini issues, can confirm restarting the browser finally worked just now (facepalm)- didn’t have to repeat the puzzle challenge or anything. Thanks Mattches!

thanks to you and your team to work delicately to serve the community.

Restating means closing the app or reinstall de app? Or something else xD

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But it didn’t work for me