NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue

Do you by any chance use biometrics (e.g., fingerprint) or PIN to unlock the device?

Fixed for me as well. Updated to 1.51.118 through the Manjaro Repo.

I have still the problem, any fixes for windows?

Windows 10
Brave 1.51.118, Chromium 113.0.5672.126

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The latest version update fixed the problem for me. I just unlocked Brave in the repo and allowed it to update. It is working as intended.

Thanks for the hard work everyone.

I have the same issue too, its been more than 3 weeks with all my data gone

Windows 10
Brave 1.51.118, Chromium 113.0.5672.126

Just a reminder here that the team is still looking into this. We haven’t forgotten and we are having the devs sort through all the data you’ve provided so far as well as new data that comes in.

Thank you

Yesterday I closed my browser and reopened it, and all of a sudden I was logged out on every website + Brave forgot ALL of my accounts (i had numerous google accounts). And no it’s not due to my settings, i’ve been using brave for over 2 years on my desktop and haven’t changed a thing in the settings and reopend my browser numerous times without a problem. So this is def a bug on the browser’s end.

I can see my accounts and website in here;C:\Users\miash\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Login Data

On another note I think Brave by itself cleaned up my entire browser cache or something, because even my youtube is now set to a different language and country (the website not hte app)

Most of my bookmarks have also gone missing

UPDATE: After upgrading to Brave Version 1.52.117 Chromium: 114.0.5735.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) my password issue remains resolved (as it was with version 1.51.118). I mention this in case others still having problems with 1.51.118 might want to give 1.52.117 a try.


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Still nothing for me. All passwords still gone.

v1.52.119* (Windows Only) (Jun 2, 2023)

Windows 7
Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Got the popup saying Brave would no longer be updated on Windows 7, clicked ok and when refreshed I was signed out of everything and all of my saved passwords were gone. Logins/Passwords are still in the Login Data file

Bookmarks are still there, didn’t use sync and wasn’t using a password manager extension

Hi folks

Thanks for sharing information here - there are a few of us looking at this. We’ve found a few places where we should be able to add logging to find more information

In the meantime, I do have something that people on Windows can check for. Folks having this issue can look in the profile folder. For me, this is:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

When you navigator there in Windows explorer, you should see a file called Local State. For people having the problem, I’m curious if there is a file called Local State.bad.

If the Local State file becomes corrupt for whatever reason, it will move itself to the .bad version and generate a new empty local state. OSCrypt (the code behind the scenes) is looking for a key inside Local State called os_crypt. Under that key, there is a value encrypted_key. If that key is not found (because it’s in Local State.bad OR because it can’t decrypt), that triggers a condition where a new key is created

If you DO have a .bad file, please open in an editor and look for this os_crypt key and encrypted_key value. If you see those, you can carefully copy that single line to your Local State. I would use an editor that checks for valid JSON before saving.

Please let me know! Thanks for your patience


no such file found, all looks regular.

I’m having similar data loss issues but have Network Persistent State.bad instead. Could this be the issue? The file has 0 data in it but looks like it might have because instead of having nothing in the file, it’s just a big blank space that’s able to be copied.

@jbrock11 I think each of these files will save a .bad if they get corrupted. If you’re not getting one specifically for Local State then the problem is something different for sure

The passwords are still saved and there, but access to them is restricted, you can still find them all using WebBrowserPassView

This happened to me this Thursday pm. I checked on my other browser sessions from the sync and my passwords vanished everywhere.
Android, macOs and on Windows.
This was my main pwd vault, didn’t had any backup and there’s lots I know I won’t be able to get back as it was with an older e-mail I don’t have access to anymore.

I faced this problem on 24/07/2023 after the restarting the device. All Data got deleted except cookies and both Search and Watch history. Here’s the answer to all your questions:
Basic Data To Gather:
1) * What OS are you using where the issue occurred (be as specific as possible, eg Win 10, Win 11, macOS Ventura v13.3.1)?
Ans→ Windows 10 Professional 64bit
2) What Brave version you have installed (you can view this by opening the browser and going to About Brave)
Ans→ Version 1.56.11 Chromium: 115.0.5790.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
3) * When/how/what actions were taken when the data loss occurred (eg, Did the browser crash? Did this occur after a system restart? Did this occur after an update? etc.)
Ans→ Well I only remember Shutting Down my PC and after some few hours, the data was gone, what saw was the previous unclosed tabs were still open but a new tab with welcome to brave message was present. Not sure about that the problem occur due to an update or not.
4) If the issue did occur after a crash, providing us with the crash report ID would be helpful (you can do this by going to brave://crashes and sharing the crash report ID left under the event)
Ans→ It definitely wasn’t a crash as i checked crashes section, the latest one was around May 28th. And Right now it’s July 24th.
5) * Please tell us exactly what data was lost (was it just passwords? Passwords and bookmarks? All data? etc.).
Ans→ All Data was lost except Cookies and History.
6) Are you using a password manager extension? If so, is Offer to save passwords enabled?
Ans→ I was using password manager with offer to save password turned “ON”.
7) Are you using Brave Sync?
Ans→ No I was not using Brave Sync.

Advanced data to gather:
1) * Histograms information can be very helpful for us — you can find this information by going to brave://histograms/OSCrypt and clicking the Download button. If you have these data, please simply say (in your reply) “I have histograms to share” and I will DM you so that they can be sent securely.
Ans→ Yes I have histograms to share but the problem is the recorded sample is only just 1. If you still want it please tell me where to DM it.
2) * It can be very helpful to know whether or not Login data (where passwords and login data are stored) still holds your information information and it simply isn’t being decrypted, or if it’s just blank and the data has been fully cleared. Note that the Login data file is an SQLite file and requires a SQLite DB viewer to view properly. If you do not have one, I would recommend this one as it is free and easy to use. To check if your data is present:
Ans→ Nope it’s gone from there all tables index are empty.
Hope it answers all questions dev. I also hope that you guys could fix it.

Same problem as everyone else here, passwords gone on Brave Browser itself. I’m running it on Windows 10, browser version 1.56.14 and I have never used sync anything. Have yet to try downloading older version but thought I should at least put down what I found before doing so. Keep in mind, I don’t touch anything I don’t understand, so it is a rule that until I do understand it, I do not make nor do I save changes.

Under “AppData > Local > BraveSoftware > Brave-Browser > User Data > Default”, there is a file called “Login Data” which does contain the encrypted passwords. From what I understand (which could easily be incorrect) Brave takes your passwords and encrypts them using your machine’s system key (or something similar that is specific to your device) and then saves said key in the file “Local State” under AppData > […] > User Data.

I am notorious for never updating anything but certain things update on their own such as Windows and Brave, apparently–I have never clicked the ‘update’ button on either. Recently, in trying to solve this problem, I’ve downloaded the DuckDuckGo browser for about four minutes and all it told me is that it located the passwords in my machine but was unable to decrypt them. Since then I have contacted a friend who was willing to attempt to fix this with me for about six hours straight one Saturday not that long ago.

I also searched around and before using python we looked into this blog ( and this github page ( but unfortunately we both got varying error messages similar to this one:
Error that I don't understand
Error Status 0xc000000d is apparently “Your PC Needs Repair” which means that the computer is apparently unbootable - which clearly is not true. When running the .exe file inside its own file path, I got an error with “_MEI188442” while running the .exe file inside of “C:\Users[my user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default” got me an error with “_MEI200962” as shown in the picture. I don’t know the significance of the change, but I will note that I do not have files _MEI188… nor _MEI200… and neither does my friend’s computer when he attempted to run it outside of Python. My friend, for context, does use Brave but is not having this issue whatsoever despite using the same version on a similar Windows 10 non-sync device.

Maybe the program just does not work outside of Python, so we ran it in Python. Long, long story short, it could not decrypt the passwords. Technically, it did decrypt them but the remaining string of characters didn’t make any sense and it kept finding one character or so that was ‘not decrypting properly’, so either it didn’t work or, somehow, my system key has been changed without my input - can that happen?

I also found this ( and before you go downloading this one, my virus protection whatever tagged this as a trojan and I don’t really believe it is one; so instead I downloaded this ( and tried to download and run the former in Sandbox. It worked, but I got an error saying that it was unable to run. Maybe the program doesn’t work or maybe it cannot work while inside Sandbox, but due to my limited knowledge, I’d prefer if someone else with far more understanding take a look at it first. Sadly, my friend, not having this issue, is unwilling to take time out of a busy day to look into it which I completely understand but it is also rather frustrating not having your passwords such as this entirely new Community Brave account because the old one’s password is also missing.

I will attempt to download a previous version of Brave at a later date and if it works, I’ll post an update. If not, I don’t know, I’m kinda loss as it is.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro: v10.0.19045
Brave: 1.57.53 Chromium: 116.0.5845.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Crash report ID: 030c0f92-3724-4869-9e10-f50d3d4975a5 (I don’t have auto-sending enabled, so manually sent this just before this post)

Brave crashed while not in use, I believe it was actually the entire chromium stack that fell over as I had multiple apps (all chromium backed (pretty sure, not 100%)- Brave, Discord, Signal) all crash at once, except Brave was the only one to lose any data.

Brave had an update downloaded / pending that I had not restarted it for at the time, upon the browser re-starting (and the updated version being used) the menu note that usually shows ‘Update’ instead showed ‘Error’ though I wasn’t able to find out what the error was.

The following does not apply:

  • Profile has not been changed (there is only one)
  • Data wasn’t cleared
  • Data isn’t set to clear on exit
  • Windows user/system data has not changed via update, nor has the password been changed.

Missing data:

  • Site Permissions/Preferences (ie sound, camera, microphone, autoplay, notifications, save password etc)
  • Program/User Preferences (Brave settings, show bookmarks bar, start page etc)
  • Extensions and extension data (didn’t have backups, that’s on me, lost probably years of it, whoops – but Brave should STILL make backups itself whenever it does an update or at least give the user the option to enable automating such a thing)
  • Theme (I assume the theme is technically an extension or somesuch OR the default UI just changed drastically, I don’t recall if I had a theme)
  • Rewards (Only the Uphold connection, the actual history/seen ads remains on connecting, but that might be fed back from Uphold upon re-connecting?)
  • SOME active sessions/logins (login data DB has a single entry was a site with an active session after the data loss)

Data retained:

  • Bookmarks
  • History (including Downloads history)
  • Cookies
  • SOME active sessions/logins etc (probably covered by cookies, but wanted to note it explicitly)
  • Probably anything else I haven’t already mentioned as missing (or I haven’t noticed yet, or it’s a feature I never used to begin with to notice (such as saved passwords))

No password manager, no brave sync.
Login Data database was empty, OSCrypt histogram data appears to be missing (Mine only has a few entries, I assume it should be more)

Hope this helps.

bump for passwords thanks everyone