Notice to all: device limit is gone!

Do we need to do something to enable this as I am still unable to do so even though this is only the second device(all time 6th) I tried verifying but still I encountered this problem

Hmm, seemed to be going well overall. Not sure what the problem might be. Guess let’s tag @chriscat and @Mattches so they can try to look into it. Not sure if they’ll say to open a ticket, if will respond here, DM you, or what. But I do know they will definitely try to get it figure out and help you when they can.

Please DM me with your wallet payment ID so I can take a closer look, thanks.

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so there still appears to be a limit on gemini… i have 4 devices… each one has brave, nightly and beta installed… i was able to link all of them until i got to the last one and im getting device limit reached… it is beta on android 11.

I had 279 BAT in brave rewards. connect uphold but not all was sent only 214 BAT, the rest disappeared. I sent a private message to chriscat on reddit last night, but no response. I don’t want to lose part of the BAT, please. :pensive: :pray:

Try submiting a request in the link below.

I had a similar issue and they quickly answered that missing value will be paid out in next month’s payout schedule. Maybe it’s your case too.


I was able to verify 7 wallets. Y’all got me hyped but I’m gonna keep it cool (I’m looking at you unpaid may reward).

Congrats to the team. Keep it up.

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hi i had few 0.250 bat lying around iin different devices after syncing 6 browser device limit reached. note . it was done after device limit is gone

Well, as it says, you’re in an unsupported region. There’s nothing that can be done about that. They had pasted not long ago to advise of changes made by Gemini. You can see which regions are supported at NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

If you’re not in one of those countries, then linking Brave to Gemini isn’t possible. If Uphold is available you can try using them. Otherwise you’ll just be earning BAT in your browser and unable to turn into cash. You will at least be able to tip content creators if you wish or hold onto BAT in your browser until your region is once again supported

Using my phone, trying to reauthorize with Uphold. Connected to my new tablet immediately.

Read the github thread and here. Reinstalled UPhold on my phone to no avail.

When I begin, the Brave Rewards say that I am Disconnected. I select it to get started. Select Uphold, select login. Prompts me to reauthorize then says “Something went wrong. Please try again.” Close Uphold, back to Brave Rewards and now it says “Logged Out”.

Rinse and repeat, no difference.

Is there a way to manually see all connections and then delete them? You know, old phones, tablets, etc.

I see you mentioned you “reinstalled Uphold” but did you uninstall and then try to connect your browser? If you had Uphold on and then tried to verify, that would be the issue. So if that’s the case, suggestion is below. Otherwise not quite sure what the problem would be except to make sure you’ve got Brave and your Operating System fully updated, settings on device correct, and maybe to clear cache and see if those play a part. But the biggest thing is making sure Uphold app is not part of the picture, as that tends to be the main culprit.

Typically what causes the conflict is because when you go to link Brave to Uphold, it opens Uphold instead. By doing this the login doesn’t ever validate in Brave and you’ll have the error. The simplest solution people recommend is to uninstall Uphold during the process. That said, you can go into app settings (So android settings, apps, go to Uphold, then change the Default settings which determines what opens it, and set it to none).

Either way, the goal is to make sure Uphold app doesn’t open. If it does, you’ll be unable to link and it will say “Something went wrong…”

I believe things still work the same to where if your device has been connected to Uphold in the past and your device “logs out,” you’re not actually disconnected. Every like 30-90 days or so we get logged out of Uphold on our browser as a security function. All that does it prevent us from seeing our balance. The browser would still be linked with Uphold on the server side with Brave and you’d continue to receive payments.

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Eureka, uninstalling and reinstalling after linking worked. Thank you once again for your assistance. Especially, the speed in your doing so.

It is not totally removed just increase their limitations

Total i link 13 browser after this it’s showing error device limit reached

Please check this matter

sorry i uploaded the wrong image i edited the image u can take a look

That’s not true. As you’ve seen others prior to you comment, some are experiencing issues and Brave is assisting in resolving. Some had this issue before even linking a single one. So don’t take your own experience and make assumptions in general.

I got a warning that you have reached the device limit when there are 10 devices, is there still a limit?

Just as prior comment said, no…there’s no limits. There are people having difficulty for unknown reasons and it’s being looked into. Create a ticket at so they can have your information and track it along with others to see if they can find out that’s causing the occasional device limit error.

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uninstalling and reinstalling worked, thank you

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Recently my friend also try to connect how much devices it works successfully…
He also noticed that 13 browsers successfully connected but after this it will not work showing device limits

Please check this issues

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