Notice to all: device limit is gone!


So everyone should be able to connect with no issues and device limits gone.

Also be advised, some have experienced issues. Please see PSA = Error: Device Limit Reached


We were given an update today on the status of the removal of the device limit. I’ll be quoting that update below. But first, I also want to remind all of you that you can still complete a Wallet unlinking request form if you’re unable to link your account due to hitting the Wallet/Device limit. @steeven, @Mattches, and others are doing their best to work on all of those requests in addition to everything else they are working on.

As to today’s update:

Hi all, thanks for your comments. I can state that the linking limit removal is live in our testing environment, but has not yet been deployed to the live production environment. We are still in the midst of testing. When we find issues during testing (which we have), we have to roll code changes to resolve those issues. Sometimes these fixes require larger changes than expected, which adds to the difficulty of giving an exact release date.

I also think it would be helpful to note that our initial timeline was affected by our decision to pivot from a solution that gave users the ability to manage their linked devices (which was essentially code-complete), to one that removed linking limits altogether. We pivoted because although it would take longer to implement, and code we had written would have to end up unused, we determined that it would be the better path in the long run.

In any case, I regret that specific dates were mentioned, since we know it can lead to certain false expectations.

Our current target—and it’s important to say “target”, not precise release date—is to get everything live in production by the end of April, as I’ve communicated on some other socials. However, it’s possible we don’t feel confident enough on exactly the last day of April. But we’re getting very close to the finish line.

Some more context about linking limit removal: This particular change is big in the sense that the consequences of getting it wrong can be serious. We’ve relied on linking limits for a long time, and they serve an extremely important purpose in our ecosystem. We are further aware that there are bad actors who are chomping at the bits for the linking limit to be removed. Accordingly, we want to make sure we feel confident when we decide to deploy to production.

That said, we understand and empathize with legitimate users who’ve been stuck at the linking limit. The support team and I have been assisting users in the meantime trying to help them with unlinking as much as we can. It’s a manual process, but I am willing to help and do it until the above work is complete.

If you are still struggling with the linking limit, @archmeister8 @spa31 @elcoinkeur, I can personally help you. It’s very important to follow these instructions so that I can effectively clear a linking slot for you ASAP without a lot of back-and-forth correspondence:

If you have access to any of your devices that were verified (one of your first 4 devices to verify) , please send an email to me with:

  1. The brave://rewards-internals general info tab of that device;
  2. A list of the brave://rewards-internals general info tab of all the currently verified devices that you’d like to keep . I will remove a device that you do not list.

If you do not have access to any of your devices that were verified (none of the first 4 devices) , then:

  1. If you are on Uphold, please log in to your Uphold account and locate your Uphold Member ID. It should be in settings inside the dashboard. Please send that to Uphold Member ID to me. I will then unlink an old device of yours at random.
  2. If you are on Gemini, then it may not be possible, and it would be unusual for the linking limit to have been reached, as the Gemini integration was released on August 31, 2021. But you can send me an email in any case and we’ll try to figure something out.

You can send me an email with subject: Unlinking request from Github . My email is

I hope this was helpful, and I thank everyone for their patience.

The above update was from the Github where you can track the status of the Device Limit change, which you can see for yourself at


Newest update posted on April 20, 2022:


Just to understand clearly, when devices limit will be removed we will be able to link more than 4 active browsers and earning from all of them at the same time?

Ask this cause I have 2 phone, 1 tablet, 1 laptop and 1 desktop pc all with Brave installled, but only the desktop version is linked to a wallet (Gemini), the others have several BATs locally stored keeping grow.

This is the assumption. I quoted everything here as to what we know. They just said removing limits, which in theory would make it sound like you could link as many things as you want.

That said, I did notice a new thing implemented into the browsers. Such as the other day I had a small popup in my browser that told me my Brave Ads were paused and it made me do a capcha in order to unpause it and start earning rewards again. I’m not sure how often that will be required by users or anything, but it’s something to be mindful of on your devices. They are trying to do little things to make sure users are actively using the devices that are linked and it’s not just something sitting around for free money but not actually being used. I mean, they are selling ads so they can be seen. Obviously they aren’t just giving out “free money” for no reason at all.


Seems right to me verifying active users, hope limit removal will be implemented soon and make linking process more smoothly cause having too many BAT sitting in my browsers concerns me a bit. Thanks for the reply.

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Any news on this? I haven’t been able to check my wallet for half a year. And I have the frozen bats. Tired of this situation.

The latest news so far is in the first reply on this thread by @Saoiray. Parts of it is quoted below, which states that they are implementing it after the May payout, i.e. a few days away from now.

As we are still having payout issues. I’d expect it to be pushed back again.

What about this? how much more do you have to wait?

I’ve been trying to figure that out. They said so far aiming for this month.

Thanks to this shitty problem that is taking so long, now I have also lost the Gemini wallet, since it is no longer supported in Argentina and I will not be able to verify it again. I only have Uphold left.


Lots of bans, extra ads limitations, forced features…

So much trouble being caused to prepare the ground for this limit removal I tend to think it shouldn’t be done in first place.

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That’s exactly what I thought.
I never thought they’ll just lift the limit without doing all these things (bans, limits, etc.)

With the recent payout chaos, I either think they’re in a pretty unstable financial situation due to whole crypto crisis, or they simply don’t want users to get those BATs out of their “system”.

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To all of those people jumping up and down about the linking limit being removed…it is going to be removed when they remove it and yelling and whining is not going to speed up the process. They are being cautious for valid reasons and want the process to go smoothly. Everyones BAT is safe on their browser until the limit is removed but if that isn’t enough for some people then back up your Brave default folder to a back up device so that should anything untoward happen to your pc you can reinstall Brave then copy the default folder back and you will have lost nothing (I myself do this on a weekly basis).Once again…calm down, wait, stop this incessant noise and let them do what they have to do. Rant over.

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What extra ads limitations and forced features? I missed that information.

Tweaks, postponement… basically raising the difficulty. It won’t be officially stated anywhere, but earning ads is getting hard lately.

Simply wondering if there is an update?

You can follow this link…

Thank you for the info