Notice: Brave Active User DECREASED for the First time (49 million vs 54 Milllion)

Hi Brave Community,

Brave Monthly Active Users has Decreased :point_down: for the first time (to 49 million), according to Brave’s Transparency Report. Brave had 54.5 Million Monthly Active Users in January, 2022. But this month February, it decreased to 49 Million active users…

Screenshots below:


Note: Brave’s Transparency Report for January, 2022 can be viewed via the Wayback Machine


hmmm, interesting. :thinking:
my hypothesis: this could be due to the diminishing value of BAT as the market is in bearish mode which become severe roughly between January to February.
how to test: need more previous data to test whether there is correlation with previous BAT market movement to it’s active user.

Just my thought.


I wonder if they have the stats by country/region somewhere. There were a lot of combined regions dropped between Brave and custodial providers. Just wondering… I looked at the transparency report but couldn’t find that information. Also, the providers may not be willing to share that information with Brave. Also, interesting to know which of those accounts were suspended due to abuse, on both sides.

Besides user drops from non-supported regions, I also wonder if the number of creators by platform also dropped and the comparative percentage and if that can be correlated with the drop in browser active users. Would be interesting to see.

hmm, interesting data. thanks
makes sense.

Maybe the stvpid linking account limit is so bad for BAT.
I had to write them again.
Please note that we are removing the linking limit completely in March. Support Lies me.

I hadn’t seen them mention a specific month, but it is right around the corner. You can see it at

More particularly, the exact is

Hi there folks! Wanted to provide an update here. Development has started and things are moving nicely. We should have a completed change in our staging environment by late Q1 (so we can begin testing). If testing goes well, we’ll have this available to users a few weeks after that

In the meantime, you can tag @brave/rewards-support here on GitHub or create a post on Community

There are many users, like myself, who are having major problems with some of the core features of Brave. Specifically not receiving earned BAT, no longer receiving ads, and seeing ads without earning BAT. Brave is amazing for many reasons but earning BAT is definitely a huge motivator for many users.
In my personal experience, the most frustrating issue is the lack of support and the failure to respond to messages concerning these issues. I believe that lack of communication will motivate many to switch back to other browsers.


this is because iregulairties in brave rewards we are not evn getting I did not evn get my jan 2022 payment wich was around 2BAT in total


The Brave browser is too inconsistent. It was working fine for me up until a month ago. Now I get zero ad views and like many, still no previous rewards. If things don’t get “fixed”, I won’t be surprised to see more drops in the user base. For many, the Bat rewards is the only reason why people were interested in Brave. Although, I no longer get ad views, I will still keep Brave as my main browser because it blocks unwanted ads. It just sucks when Brave randomly stops working correctly. This isn’t the first time this happened to me, and sadly it most likely isn’t the last time. Too many problems and too little support.


Perhaps Brave might want to consider actually PAYING OUT CUSTOMERS. I rarely use brave anymore and I definitely don’t click on ads anymore. Whats the point. Still missing rewards that were SUPPOSEDLY deposited on 2/9 according to Brave’s summary. You guys are fraudulently stating you are issuing payments and you are not. Steeve has yet to even respond to his own request for a wallet address. Provided it like half a month ago with no response. It’s all good I’ll be reporting on this. You guys are full of it.

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