NOTICE: Addressing a couple ongoing issues (Youtube Ads, VPN)

Update (10/29/2023):
If you are fully updated (both Brave version ad ad-blocker component) and are still being detected by YoutTube, it may be the extensions you have installed. There are some extensions that will trigger Youtube’s detection that may need to be disabled or you will continue to see these prompts.

This especially applies to 3rd party ad-blockers you may have installed, since they all update at different times and they may not all have include a fix for YouTube’s ad detection.

One easy way to test this is to launch a Private browsing window (ensuring none of your extensions run in Private via extension settings), visit YouTube and test to see if you continue to get the prompt.

We are working on getting a running list of extensions that are known to trigger the detection for users to reference.

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Hello Community,

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge a couple of known issues that are getting a lot of attention at this time.

Youtube detecting browsers with ad-blockers

As many of you are already aware, Youtube recently started cracking down harder on browsers with ad-blockers installed. When one is detected, Youtube will show a prompt explaining that ad-blockers are not allowed and that the video player will be blocked after ‘x’ amount of videos.

The team is very well aware of this and have already released an update to our ad-blocker component to workaround this detection. To ensure that you have this fix, please update to the latest version of the browser if you haven’t already. Then go to brave://components, find the Brave Ad Block Updater component and ensure that you are running version 1.0.1751 or higher (if the version of the component you’re running is lower than this, click the Check for update button to fetch the latest version).

:bulb: Note that it may take some time (1-2 hours) for these fixes to roll out to everyone, so if your component is fully updated and you are still not on the latest version, simply check again after an hour or so to see if the latest version is now available. We are also working on improving our component updates in general to be more frequent.

That said, this will likely be an ongoing battle with Youtube and these prompts may bypass our fixes from time to time. We will do our best to stay on top of these changes to the best of our abilities and continue to give our users the ad-free browsing experience they’ve come to expect from our browser.

General VPN Issues

Some users have encountered issues with our VPN service, including (but not limited to):

  • Users seeing “Session expired” message in VPN panel
  • Users not being able to use the Refresh Brave VPN button on their account page to fetch new credentials
  • Users being disconnected from the service after their machine is turned off, asleep or otherwise idle for some time and having to reconnect manually
  • Users stuck in Too many login attempts [...] state on their account page
  • Issues linking devices to active subscription despite following proper instructions

Our team is aware of all of these issues and are actively working on a solution for each of them. It is important to remember that these issues are non-trivial and involve many moving parts, so a “quick fix” isn’t exactly in the cards. That is not to say that they will not be fixed, just that they will take some time on our end and patience on yours.

That said, a few of the issues mentioned above have already received fixes that have resolved the issue for many users but not all. We encourage anyone encountering issues with the VPN service — the ones mentioned above or just general VPN issues — to reach out to us on our Premium product support form and provide as much detail surrounding the issue as possible and exercise patience with us as we work through the queue.

The reason we ask users to reach out to us on the form rather than posting here on Community has to do with the fact that the nature of the information we may ask of you — email associated with the VPN subscription, invoice number, etc — is best to be kept between you and our support team/developers, rather than on a public facing platform like Community.

VPN service being installed without user consent

Several users have lodged complaints recently after learning the Brave installed VPN services for users without consent/for users who are not using the service to begin with. For anyone concerned or confused by this, I highly recommend reading the response from one of our developers who works on VPN left on Reddit, as it addresses the issue both succinctly and transparently. You can find his response here:

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we work through these issues.

— Brave team