Nothing syncs to my Chromebook

Joined my Chromebook to a sync chain but nothing syncs.

I’ve done this multiple times with the same results. I’m using Brave on multiple Windows devices on a sync chain and everything works wonderfully. But when I add my Chromebook to the sync chain nothing gets synced.

  1. On my Windows desktop add a new device to the sync chain
  2. On my Chromebook join a sync chain and enter the sync phrase
  3. Confirm on my Windows desktop that the Chromebook has been added to the sync chain
  4. Confirm on my Chromebook that sync has been enabled in Android settings
  5. Nothing ever syncs to my Chromebook

Reproducible at all times.

Brave 1.51.114, Chromium 113.0.5672.92
Device is Acer Chromebook
Android 11; Build/R112-15359.58.0

can you go to brave://sync-internals and click on request start ?

22/05/2023, 15:17:35 Poll GetUpdate request

22/05/2023, 15:17:35 GetUpdates Response

Received 0 update(s).

Just to check all our bases, you have the correct data types toggled “on” that are “to be Synced”, correct?

To my knowledge there aren’t any known issues with Sync and Chromebooks but I will do some digging to ensure that is the case.

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Well that was the problem, thanks for your help.

The Data Preferences link was dark grey on black, whereas everywhere else in settings text is white on black. So I thought it was disabled and never even attempted to click on it. Go figure.

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No worries, glad the fix was easy!

Have a wonderful day!