Not yet received BAT of 03/2019

Dear Asad

This is second i send you this picture.

My account on uphold has been verified.

Please see att.


Khanh Nghia

Okay, just making sure :slight_smile: You’ll get everything you were missing in March in the April payout. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi, @Asad

Please check your inbox , I have PM you and let me know please

Dear Asad

Today is a first week of the april month. Now, i not yet received BAT. Pls help me check your system has payout for me.
Thank you so much

Khanh Nghia

You will be paid out out or around the 8th :slight_smile: Sometimes it takes extra time for the payout to come in, please bear with us!


i installed window again 5th of april after showing me next contribution 5/5/19.

second thing i am not verified last month so dont get my browsing earnning but showing in my reward panel after reinstall nothing show.

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Don’t worry about that – April payouts are still processing, you’ll get your BAT soon enough! It may take a couple days for all the payouts to go through.

Not sure what you mean about reinstalling. The BAT browser wallet is totally separate from the publishers wallet. You cannot withdraw the BAT browser balance, for example.

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& what about of mine march balance

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Today is 8 and i’m waiting for my payment (: (I’m verified in UpHold) Good luck to everyone.

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anybody here for hindi language for more understanding between you & me.

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still i dont get my browsing earning of march & april. & not showing in browser wallet.
i just get some people tipping only that`s i get.

Today i not yet received BAT of March. Already 9th of April and my uphold wallet is empty.

And i can’t log in to my brave account.

It’s under to review, for what?

Please check my BAT payout, thak you very much. Very need this money!

Dear Asad

Today is 04/16/2019, i ultil not yet received BAT to my uphold account.
Pls check it for me. Thank sir

Khanh Nghia

@Asad Please check it. now is 04/23. I not yet received BAT to my Uphold account.

Please see this thread for info about late / missing payouts:

Any BAT you didn’t get in April will come through in May’s payout.

Dear Asad

Thank so much for your information feedback to me. As you give info., ok, i will continue wait to the fist week of the may month.

Khanh Nghia

Vào 00:39, T.6, 26 Th4, 2019 Asad Syed via Brave Community đã viết:

Does this problem have anything to do with the accounts under review? since I have proof of how I got bats and it has to be a Brave mistake

No. They are completely separate. @Frank22 if you send me your Ticket # I can look into your case for you.

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@Asad, I have sent mine.

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