Not working in windows 7

hi team
I am a resident of india and i use brave browser in windows 7.Is it compatible .

Yes, Brave should works for Windows 7, @viskhar187. Did you have an issue with your Brave?

Hola tengo el balance de descarga instalados y confirmados en windows 7 que debo hacer instlsr otro windows?

Quiero decir que esta en blanco mi balance descargar instalados y confirmados

yes,i have…I didn’t see option of any kind of ads from which i can earn tokens.from where i get that option.Pls tell me.

@viskhar187 first, make sure you live in supported regions (US, Canada, German, France, and UK) then enable Brave Ads under brave://rewards.

If you live outside that area, then you can wait until the team add a support for your region. More regions support is coming.

@saulunesr2019 feel free to open a new thread with your issue. And please don’t share your personal email here.


You may also want to read through our troubleshooting guide:

Ok…that means i have to wait.Is there any chance of India to be listed in coming region.

@viskhar187 there’s no ETA for now. Thanks for your patience. Also Please explain why ads are not available everywhere

I’m using the secure code to try and sync Brave between my Mac desktop and a Windows 7 laptop. They’re on the same wifi network, I retyped the code precisely into the box in the laptop and I click on Submit code nothing happens.

Brave works as good as Firefox with Windows 7.

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