Not Supported Region | Philippines

Hi Brave community, I would just like to ask if there is something wrong with brave rewards, I have been using Brave browser since 2020 and receiving BAT rewards almost monthly. I got the last pay from Aug 6 (refer to my attached screenshot link from uphold activity, I am from Philippines and just like I said I received my BAT rewards almost monthly but now I upgraded my software and installed brave browser again, when I am verifying my uphold account it is popping REGION NOT SUPPORTED. I just received rewards not too long ago. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Means you got very lucky. You should have been disconnected and unable to receive anything much sooner than that. Usually connections are only supposed to last around 90 days in general before making you sign in again. You just was fortunate to have it hold on for a longer range of time.

That is sad, any chance the Philippines will be included again in the available regions sooner?

That’s unknown. When I’ve asked about it, they said it was a difficult situation and they will have to figure it out down the road. So it’s possible but they haven’t spoken definitively on it like that have with other regions, such as Brazil, India, etc which are all being brought back.

Guess I’ll just have to wait until it is ready again, Thanks for the info.

you receive bat from creator bru…haha don’t expect Philippines will be back to normal … better we find another platform availability in Philippine country…

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