Not Showing Payment Method Added In publishee Account

Hello Sir I have Added my GitHub Account and also connected my uphold account but still it’s showing this. Why? I have recently developed new project and needed funding that’s why I made this but still this happens.

@sampson @steeven please help me sir

@sampson @steeven please please reply for God sake it’s urgent

@sampson @steeven please atleast give reply

@michal @mattches why no one is giving any reply to my issue is this how brave support behaves? It’s been 5 days but still showing the same as it’s shown in screenshot

Hi @PurityNotHere, so sorry for the delay here! For some reason I’m just seeing this. Can you DM me the email linked to your publisher account?

@PurityNotHere ,
Have you tried restarting your device since you started seeing this message in the Rewards panel?

Yes, sir I have tried restarting the device but the issue still persist @Mattches

@PurityNotHere ,
Did you send the requested information to @steeven?

@Mattches Yes now working thanks for your response

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You’re very welcome.