Not showing earlier linked channels

I had signed up for claiming my YT channel via an email id in Sep 2021… I had setup 2FA in that login.
Every time i try to login post that, I dont receive any link to my email id (I never get any mail when i try to login with that email id even in spam), Hence i signed up again with the same email id today, however i dont see the YT channel in the subscription, also im not able to link my YT channel - getting " Error 500: Internal Server Error :thinking:".
I guess something is wrong with the linking of my YT channel with my account. Can you please check what’s happening with my account, i guess there is some wrong linkage happening somewhere…
Appreciate the help.

So do you have two Creators accounts now or just one? If just one, can you please send me a DM with the email that is associated with that account?

Thank you.

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