Not Seeing Any Ads

USA, Windows 10, have Notifications ON in Settings (get notifications from these senders - No Senders have provided notifications yet), use Nord VPN and have Brave ads ON for 5/hr.

Have not seen any ads since I started using the browser a couple months ago.

Hello, @hersh. Would you be available for a Zoom call sometime? I’d love to take a closer look at your situation, and see what we can do to restore your experience.

Yes, mornings are best

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you go to and try to enable notification. Then, see if Brave is listed on your Notification settings.



If I did it correctly, I still show No Senders have provided notifications yet

Are you available now? Or, would tomorrow morning be best?

I’m available this morning, Central Time

Any help is appreciated…

You there @sampson…?

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So this is the support you provide!!??

Hello, @hersh. Are you available today? Happy to assist! Also, apologies for the delayed response. Our team is currently working to assist many users; very sorry for your wait.

Hi @sampson, I’m available in the mornings Central Time (Chicago)… not sure where you are at.

Thank you~

Still waiting @sampson

@hersh I recently had a call with the support with the same problem as yours. We found out that my mouse ( which is a gaming mouse) sends frequent signals to the PC or something so that windows can’t go into an “idle” state.
To see if you have the same problem I recommend turning on screen saver and turning it to the lowest time to kick in. If you do get a screen saver that is not your problem.
If your screensaver doesn’t work then at least you know what the problem is. Try another mouse then.
I hope this might help you.

@schrome @sampson I set it to one minute and the screen saver came on after one minute. So the mouse is not my problem, correct?

Looks to me like there is another problem then, sorry I couldn’t help.

@sampson 2 weeks now and still no support…

@sampson still waiting…

Continued here Not Seeing Any Ads II