Not seeing ads on desktop and not getting rewards on mobile

I have been using brave for the past day or so and I have seen about 5 ads on the mobile version and have not received anything at all. I also have been on desktop all day and have not seen any ads. And just to let y’all know I do have my rewards and notifications settings on.

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Hello @Zagir44. Are your brave notifications “on” on windows (at desktop)? See the screenshot:

i did as much as i could but the brave app isnt an option. maybe you can help me figure that out as well…

Good @Zagir44. Run this simple tool and see if the notification at windows become “on”:

yes this did work. but i am still not getting brave ads on pc.

also i viewed like 5 ads yesterday on mobile and didnt get any reward.

hey just to let you know i am now getting ads and getting paid for them on pc.

unfortunately i am still not getting paid for the ads on mobile.

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