Not respondind. I typed http://web whatsapp/ in the adress line


The brave not responding. See a print screen. I can’t create a new page, close tab, tab to an other tab. notice that opened tab change their color when you point with the mouse on them
Also I don’t like browser colors. It seems to me that this is browser from 90 th
Good luck

The “before posting” template is too long to see it all. Before i started to delete it in the message body I didn’t noticed that there is 8 puncts in it


Hey! Just started using Brave a day ago and I also noticed this similar bug (or whatever you wanna call it). Every time I try to open the browser with at least 4-5 tabs running, one tab seems to be not responding at all. It can’t be moved nor closed (I can click the “x” button but it just won’t disappear as you’d expect it to work). I always have to restart the browser in order to get things running but after a while, it happens again.

Please look into this. Thanks!

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