Not registering adds

I use windows 10 and installed brave browser 2 days ago so it should be newest version.

My proplem is:
45 adds as my “last 7 days” thingy says mut top of it says that ive only had 30 add’s and only gave BAT’s for them. When i open the “last 7 days” thingy it says that all of them were “seen” but i didint get any bats :frowning:

Today registering is veeery slow, but it’s working here.

Hey there,

It doesn’t depends on that part.

Do this:
Wait an hour an some secs for be sure (That’s the cool down to recieve the next ads rewards)
Watch your “Ads Seen” section (It should be under the estimated rewards)
Notice that after you claim the 4 or 5 ads Brave let you take (always, per hour), maybe the “last 7 days” section will keep growing if you keep opening tabs and seeing or clicking ads, but the “Ads Seen” section won’t, it will freeze after the 4 or 5 you claimed. That’s the limit, and depends a lot of the region where you are.

So don’t see the “last 7 days” section, you can like and fav the things there, but that won’t give you anything. You should watch de “Ads Seen” and get sure that it grows as I said any hour. And also you must know there’s a limit of rewards per day, that should be more or less 20 or 24 (That means 0.200 or 0.240 BATs). And also notice all of this I just mention doesn’t applies on the push notifications, just on the new tabs ads.

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