Not Reciving notification from Price Drop Extentions

Not Receiving notification from Price Drop Extensions like "BuyHatke"

I have one price drop alert extension installed in brave which I use on a regular basis. But I am noticing that the price drop alerts are not being sent to the brave browser. But in Chrome I do not have this similar issue. So in order to get the price drop notification, I need to keep some other browser (in my case it’s Chrome) open in the background. The extension name is “Buyhatke” which basically sends me notification of price drops from websites like,, etc. Hope you guys rectify this issue. Presently I am on MacOS and Version 1.9.72 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I believe that in order to receive the notifications, you’ll have to sign into the sites you listed and also allow cookies in them (via Brave’s Shields). That way, the extension can communicate with the sites in question.

allow cookies in them (via Brave’s Shields) is not site-specific. When I am allowing it’s saying that I need to low all the cookies There are the options under allow cookies.

  1. Cross Sites cookies blocked.
  2. Cookies blocked.
  3. All cookies allowed.

For the time being, I am allowing all cookies. Let me see if it works. By the way initially, it was working


:point_up: It is site-specific, actually. The Shields panel, when adjusted, applies the new settings on the site level (that you’re on). Default Shields – which are applied to all sites, until the Shields panel is edited for one of those sites, can be set in Settings --> Shields. More information here: