Not recive rewards in april for march

I have not received my rewards for over 3 months now. I used a Gemini wallet. I need help to get this resolved.

I am having the same issue although my verified Gemini wallet was automatically logged out of my Brave rewards when the browser said that my 4.25BAT deposit was on the way. When I logged my wallet back into Brave rewards the balance was at zero. Now I check here and you say payments are on the way. I feel confused.

The same thing happened to me, I had about 6BAT maybe close to 7BAT and it said I would be getting 4.25BAT.

I still haven’t received any BAT for January, February, or March.

Same problem… I did not received any BAT for February and March

Same for me. Claim button appeared & clicked around the 8th. Brave reports “Ads rewards received” on the 8th, but no deposits made now on the 13th to gemini.

I appreciate that, in total for all users, it’s a large amount to pay out. That said, this is one of the defining features for using Brave, right? Granted, not the only one. But a significant part.

…and this seems to happen month after month.

…and iOS brave randomly reported no more earnings a week or two ago. Things going downhill here quickly.

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Same for me. I’ve not received my BAT for March in April…

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Same, more than 20 BAT not received for March period… I’m waiting ^^

same problem, didn’t receive ~2 BAT :frowning:

The bats I earned in March were appeared as in processing state 12 April, and now all of them disappeared. I did’nt get paid.
May it be because of sanction against my country? Uphold stops working still 17 February. But it was not tied with Brave Rewards. In March i had got bats for February smoothly.

I have also faced same problem

same story is with me i also have not recieved my BAT for the of april 2022. please inform me by when can we recieve it

Similar problema didn’t receive my BAT to my account from PC. Two days ago it was saying that you will receive X but the message disappear and 0 BAT added to my account.

Same here. I didn’t received my march rewards. I don’t have a verified wallet… I hope I get the rewards soon.

Same here and as I see in the forums there are multiple similar threads since months ago and no solution is really given. I am disabling ads until I get my payout. No Bats, no ads, is that simple.

I did not recieve my march reward in april, few days back it was showing processing and option to check status, but now it all gone away, and no status about my rewards, I dont know what is happening with brave. Please resolve the issue.

Payout status link:

I did not receive any rewards for March on April 8th. I’m waiting. Where are the rewards? I didn’t get a message about the amount either. That’s not okay! That’s not nice. Brave is up to date
Version 1.37.113 Chromium: 100.0.4896.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Ich habe für März am 8. April keine Rewards erhalten. Ich warte. Wo sind die Belohnungen ? Ich habe auch keine Meldung über die Summe bekommen. Das ist nicht okay ! Das ist nicht nett. Brave ist auf dem neuesten Stand
Version 1.37.113 Chromium: 100.0.4896.88 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

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Same here, my browser is updated and wallet information is updated too. But I reward disappeared. When it will be resolved?

Again. First time march rewards disappeared but after week appeared again, then I accepted all rewards from march but then nothing arrived to my uphold account.