Not recieving ad revenue

Hi guys at Brave.

I use your browser everyday day in conjunction with Presearch and have noticed a distinct lack of advertising over the past few months (I have not been receiving any ads or revenue since the end of last year, approx Nov,2019) I have had a small flurry of days during the end of Jan 2020 and the beginning of February but since then NOTHING.
As i say, i use the Brave browser everyday on mobile and desktop and i am very happy with it and will probably keep using it for its ad removing abilities, but one of its draws was the revenue generated from advertising and i am sorry to see that this is no longer working.
Please could you let me know any steps that i might be able to take to rectify this issue as i have tried other info that is on the web and it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Jacobyte, welcome to Community!

Are you using windows 10?
If so see this topic:

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