Not recieved my reward

Not recieved my july payout 2.298 bats why??

I too have the same problem. It keeps on saying July rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out! Even last month (June) it keep saying the same way and later it just disappeared. Emailing the support team didn’t work as it seems they have an autoresponder. Every time when I write the problem, they asked me to send screenshots with the message " Would you mind sending a screenshot of your Ad Diagnostics tab found here: brave://rewards-internals/? It is a separate tab and differs from the previous screenshot provided.".

@Shann0 Payouts are paused for now, may be wait it out. Or you can raise a support ticket here-


That’s not true. And that Ad-diagnostics page exists on brave://rewards-internals/. You should submit that as suggested in the ticket response.

Couldn’t not received my rewards because of wallet not supposed in Kenya.

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