Not receiving the login email, have tried repeatedly


Unable to sign in. Not receiving the login email, have tried repeatedly.
Its a custom email on a domain.

The email is working fine. However not receiving any emails from brave.

Reporting that Login Email not going to custom domains

copying @LaurenWags and @nvonpentz for assistance.


thanks. look forward for their reply.


Do that bit on your smartphone…


Did but nothing happened, no login mail received!


@LaurenWags @nvonpentz ANy updates regarding this ?


I wrote to the support email many times, but still have not got an answer or reply !


Hi @ashish

Could you check your spam folder and see if the email is there? If not please DM me your email address and I will take a closer look.


I am having this same issue. @nvonpentz I will DM you as well with my account email address.


also looping in @Asad for assistance.


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