Not receiving the emails to be able to log in


I have a problem I am not receiving the emails to be able to log in to my account publishers.

my account is hotmail

And I have written to support but there is no answer.

Could you help me?

Thank you.

Hi @Makrod - I can help! Please request the login email 1 more time, and I should be able to fix ASAP. Send me a DM when you do so that I can be on the lookout. Thanks!


I still do not receive the email to be able to login I have tried several times and in the spam folder I don’t have those messages either.

I have sent my email by private message.

Thank you.

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@steeven Can you help me please? I still can’t log in to my account.

Thank you

Hi @Makrod, did you request that that the email be sent again? Once you do that I can help!


@steeven If many times I have requested through the Brave Rewards page to send me the link to be able to login to my account and I never receive those emails.

Hi Makrod - can you confirm that yo requested within the last 2 days? I’m still not seeing your email in the system. Please request 1 last time and as soon as you do let me know, I’ll be able to push the email through then. Thanks again!



Thanks it has been fixed but I have not received payment this month.

There is some minimum of payment ?

I’m having the same issue. The email from never arrives in my email account.


Add this email to senders and secure domains in outlook settings you should be able to fix it like this.


In the asterisk put a point.


Not using Outlook at all. It’s a webmail interface to a domain that I own and control. The email just isn’t being sent.

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