Not receiving the Brave Reward payout to uphold wallet

My refferral rewards have not sent to linked uphold account yet although I have more than 5 BAT.What is the reason?


Hi @SupunAbepala, when was your wallet verified?


I verified my uphold account on 16.08.2020 and linked it to Brave creators account as well.

But the statements are not showing and the collected BAT tokens aare still not sent to uphold wallet. It shows as follows,

What’s the email linked to your account?

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Hi, your BAT should payout on October 8th.

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@steeven Hello, same issue here and waiting for your answer in DM :confused:

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@steeven me too! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @GabrielHernandez, please see DM :slight_smile: Issue resolved.

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@steeven Yes I saw it, thank you very much sir :slight_smile: :+1:

still not received brave rewards for referring. BAT tokens are still in the reward page and not yet received to uphold wallet.

Not received yet. Why is that?

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