Not receiving SMS re: Brave Payments


I’m signing up for Brave payments with a CC. When the Coinbase dialog indicates it has sent my phone number an SMS I’ve yet to receive the message after about an hour. I went back and double checked my phone number is correct.


hmmm… whose your mobile carrier. i’ve tried the coinbase buy widget with a couple of them and haven’t had an issue… but “a couple” is far from all.

unfortunately, if the SMS roundtrip won’t work, then you can’t even go to and set-up an account and fund a wallet directly, so we’re kind of stuck!

since coinbase is providing the service, my guess is that the first step is to try to set-up an account with them and if you don’t get the SMS then to contact them directly.

i apologize for suggesting this… it’s a lot of work compared to just using the coinbase buy widget, but maybe they can figure out what’s going on and that will help others in the future.


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