Not receiving rewards for sponsored images and ads

I haven’t got my rewards for viewing or clicking sponsored images, nor for clicking on ads on both of my PCs.

The region is not a problem, shows this.

Windows 10/ Windows 7

Brave Browser Version 1.24.85, on both PCs.


share a screenshot of your catalog

Same thing over here, maybe another technical problem, guess we have to wait until the dev/supp team decide to say/do something…


On my laptop this problem occurred a few days ago, today it started well and then again occurred, but this time on my desktop too.

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@arpi575 there are not ntp ads available for your region, the ones that you are receiving are from other region that’s why it is not paying you.

no, crypto ntp ads are not available, for some reason – maybe bad design-- the browser stop showing ntp ads campaigns when they have less than 24 hrs(could be less time, not sure atm).

There is 2 of them available, and Blockfi. less than 24 hours, okay. I received Blockfi today and got my rewards in the first 1 or 2 hours, then nothing, on both of my PCs. But don’t forget, I’m not receiving the regular ad rewards either. They pop up, I click on them and nothing. They are all clearly in my catalog… How is it possible?

same problem here. Blockfi NTP is available in my catalog but still not even getting a single 0.005 today.

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that’s beyond my knowledge

Same problem here
It stopped working a few days ago and now even my BATs I would have received in june 6. dissapeared.

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I believe this may be a technical issue that the devs need to address and fix soon.

Please stop giving me ads if you arent going to credit my account any BAT’s for viewing them. Is anyone actually working on fixing these issues? They have been going on since day 1. How many updates of Brave will it take to get this right? How many BAT’s are being deferred away from Brave users daily? I wonder what the $ figure on that actually is?

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Was a known issue worldwide.

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Since earlier today, I have not been receiving credit for the ads I’ve seen. I’ve now seen 20 ads that have not been counted in my “ads received this month” counter. Anyone know how to fix this?

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I agree, it’s a nuisance.

In spite of using the Brave browser every day, I haven’t received the BAT rewards SINCE OCTOBER 2020! The browser has been showing 5.835 BAT since then.
I have contacted Brave support, but they have not responded. Maybe via this medium, Brave guys?

Hi all, please see . There was a partial ads outage yesterday that was resolved this morning.

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