Not receiving rewards for months even though I get ads

My issue is even more complex than this. I did not get rewards for a number of months 2019 into 2020. Then it seemed to be resolved. I have now stopped getting rewards again. But I have a compounding issue on top of this, when I did ‘get’ rewards, I would not get 10 an hour and the amount I had earned would inadvertently change. Meaning, the amount I had earned would randomly drop by as much as 1+ full BAT. I have never been able to earn much over 2 BAT but it is quite frustrating to either not earn them even though presented with ads and loss them because the system steals them from you!

We’re never guaranteed a minimum amount of ads per hour. We can only set the maximum. So your max is set to 10, meaning you’ll see no more than that. But you might go hours or days with no ads. It all depends on how many campaigns are in your area, what devices they are targeting, and the view limit they set.

Not sure what you’re referencing there, as we shouldn’t see it fluctuate that much. At first I thought you were going to say that the money per ad changes, and I was going to confirm that as each ad pays different amounts. But to say your Estimated Earnings would suddenly decrease by 1 BAT, that doesn’t make sense if you’re using as normal. There is something to point out below though.

It sounds like you’re getting flagged. Are you using a VPN at all? Changing your devices language/region? Are notifications turned on? If you’re on something like Windows, have you made sure that Focus Assist is turned off?

Thanks for the reply Saoiray. I never got a reply when I brought this up the last time.

As far as ads, I am saying I am being presented ads but am only get credit for max 3 an hour even though I am still being presented with ads.

No, I am not using a VPN, I am on my home network. Notifications for what? I limit notifications as they are very annoying when I am working. Not sure what Focus Assist is but will look into that. I am on Windows 11.

Just checked and Focus Assist is off.

Notifications for Brave are on.

Ads are delivered to us via Notifications on our devices. If we don’t let those notifications show, then we don’t get credit for viewing ads. There are a number of things that can cause issues. Rather than me posting here, if you don’t mind checking PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers I have some of it listed under What are things that can interfere with Brave Rewards?

Okay, so that’s one step. Focus Assist, just so you know, is a Windows thing that turns off Notifications. One thing I’m listing just to verify is that you also have Automatic Rules turned off. Originally this caused me a headache because I had turned off Focus Assist but I didn’t realize there were additional settings where Focus Assist was authorized to turn itself back on, such as when playing games and all.

Okay, so assuming Focus Assist and all is off and you have Notifications on, I guess the other thing to check is your 30-day Ads History you can access from brave://rewards/.

It should pull up a menu like you see in my screenshot below.

Basically it shows all ads you’ve seen and whether you’ve viewed them. Now just FYI, where I have some with :heart: and all, that’s not important. The thumbs up or thumbs down is your rating for a particular ad, which is just feedback to the advertiser but has no influence on your earnings. The :heart: is to show that you like/prefer ads from that category. And the :no_entry_sign: icon is one you never want to hit, as that tells Brave not to show you any ads from that category.

If you’re seeing ads listed but they show something like Dismissed or any term other than Viewed, then you have something interfering. Also, by looking, you can kind of see how many ads you’re seeing in a day.

Last thing I’ll mention right quick is will let you see how many ad campaigns are in your area. Fewer ad campaigns means less chances for you to see ads. You’ll see a spot that says View Limits.

Regional Catalog Viewer (v2) - Brave 3_10_2022 2_56_38 PM

So this is the maximum you can see that particular ad Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Total

So in the screenshot I shared, I could have seen that ad up to 10x in one day. But its maximum seen Total is also 10. So once I see it 10x, I can never see that ad again. You’ll notice as you look closer at the page, it shows when the campaigns start and end, what it pays for viewing the ad, what devices you can see it on (some might be iOS only, for example), and all of that stuff.

Sorry to ramble, but I guess just trying to show a bit on things that influence how many ads you see. Sometimes it will seem like none or very little.

If you’re telling me that you’re seeing more ads but not getting credit for them, then usually means you’re viewing ads outside of your region or something is preventing it from being labeled as Viewed.

Important part to note is if your Region, Language, and IP address don’t all match, then you will have issues with receiving BAT from ads. Also important is to look at Ads Diagnostics in brave://rewards-internals because it will show which Locale you’re viewing ads. If it’s not the same as your language/region/IP address then it will have conflicts and maybe even eventually flag your account so you can earn nothing.

When I say language, thinking of things like English-IN even though you’re in the United States, which should be English-US. This small difference will make it seem like you were in India but then it sees other info like you’re in the US and it thinks you’re trying to scam it to see ads from outside of your region.

Sorry for long comment there. Hopefully you can test things from all I shared. If you still have issues, you’ll need to contact Steeven or Mattches, which I mention in the FAQ along with what information to provide them.

I appreciate the long reply. :slight_smile:

I did have to turn off the other items on Focus Assist.

Other than that, I am in the same place using the same computer. Here is what I found when looking at the diagnostics:

[Mar 10, 2022, 7:40:20.9] Publisher info not found
[Mar 10, 2022, 7:40:29.9] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 7:46:09.0] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 7:59:45.2] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 8:02:28.3] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 10:32:34.6] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 12:06:13.4] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 12:25:19.6] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 12:54:23.7] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:24:36.9] Token list empty
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:24:36.9] Transferring tokens failed!
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:34:22.1] Failed to get signed tokens
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:35:04.8] Token list empty
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:35:04.8] Transferring tokens failed!
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:38:13.4] Token list empty
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:38:13.4] Transferring tokens failed!

[Mar 10, 2022, 2:39:46.9] Token list empty
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:39:46.9] Transferring tokens failed!
[Mar 10, 2022, 2:39:48.8] Failed to get signed tokens

There is a lot more than that of course but that is part of what is there for today.

My UpHold wallet is verified on the General Info page.

Something is keeping the ads from being registered as nothing shows since 3/7 until 1 ad today is now in history but still no BAT credit.

Yeah, the logs always have stuff. I’ve talked to people at Brave and they said that a lot of what we’re seeing isn’t a big deal. They don’t care to share what it’s all about as they are concerned of people misusing that information, but they did assure me that it’s nothing to be troubled over. Especially when it’s just the things like you saw about transferring tokens and all.

The best best right now is to DM Steeven and/or Mattches with your Wallet Info and kind of explain what you have going on. Then maybe create your own Topic explaining that it’s been going on a while, mention who you sent DM to, and advise you’ll appreciate it when they find time to look at it.

Reason I say to make a post as well right now and tag them is it will create 2 different notifications, but then later on it’s good to be able to respond if you haven’t had a reply in 2 weeks. Plus, it’s something I’ll be able to see and attach over to them if I feel there’s a need later. Right now, I’d only be able to share this Topic with them, where they would focus on OP rather than you. Plus, we kind of hijacked @usanzadunje 's Topic. So always good to separate/differentiate between it all.

Topic created with you commented in.

Yep, cool. And you sent DM to them with your wallet info and all that you can find at Brave://rewards-internals right?

Making sure because the DM is the most important part as it serves as a ticket. And they need that Wallet Info to investigate, otherwise they can do nothing

And yeah, I would have phrased different. Those are people who are going to be helping you. Usually complaining or insulting isn’t much of an incentive to want to help people. Is why I usually just do like

I’ve been having issues with ads. Tried posting before but I guess it got missed. Really could use the help when possible. Can “name” and “name” get back to me on any suggestions? I sent my Wallet Info to you both. Thanks in advance!

Then in the DM I would have been like:

I’m occasionally seeing ads but not getting BAT. Notifications are on, Focus Assist is off, I don’t use a VPN or proxy server, etc. I’ve done my best to troubleshoot this but I’m still having issues. My Wallet Info is:

I’ll be looking forward to your reply when you can. Hopefully not too long.

No idea how to send a DM.

Just figured it out.

I have been trying to resolve this with no real resolution for over 2 years. Not much patience left with this, especially when I am ignored.

lol, kk. Was gonna say, just click on their name where tagged or if you see where a person has posted/commented, you can click on their profile thing and then select Message.

I feel you. Big thing I’ve been learning though is just how things work. Would you believe it used to only be one person working through Brave Community? Then just slightly over a year ago they hired on a couple more, but primarily it’s just Mattches and Steeven. I mean, SaltyBanana helps too but usually is over helping on Twitter or doing things “behind the scenes.” You have chriscat but he’s primarily helping over on Reddit.

So when you see these hundreds or thousands or posts each day, not to mention all the DM and all, can you imagine that only 2 people are handling it all? That’s where things slip through the cracks and responses can sometimes take a LONG time.

It’s frustrating as heck for Users/Customers because realistically they should have enough staff employed to be able to get back to the average person within like 48 hours in my opinion. They should also have a system that better helps us know where we fall in things like, “you have 120 tickets ahead of you” or some BS.

But we’re stuck in reality. And reality says Brave only has something like 160 employees, with the bulk of them being developers, marketing, and whatever else. We have a total of like 5 customer service people here, but only 2 who primarily work Brave Community.

So when I think of that, I try not to take it out on the two people who are sincerely trying and are being overworked.

Also, when talking to CEO about lack of support and issues here at Brave Community, his response was:

Yes, we have our people trying to dedup

My view is it’s too asymmetric to keep up with. Need better option

So I know they mentioned that. Also that they are looking for people to hire. User Support job opening at

That explains a lot but most people expect them to run like a real business, not with a skeleton crew like they apparently do. That is way to much for the amount of people trying to support.