Not receiving my full BAT payout

I think they have a usability issue, if that’s the case… First they shown you your zero balance Uphold account and a countdown until when you will receive your payment. And when the countdown finally reaches zero and vanishes, you still have a zero balance on Uphold. Lol? Nobody at Brave thought this would confuse people?

How can I see the process status of my BATs payment?

I guess you can’t just see your process status.
I think I was lucky enough that I recovered my bats. I also lost some bats previously in past but I got support from official and they just asked me how much bat I lost. I told them the amount and they paid me that much directly from their account to my uphold account.

I think they are actually helping people in this matter. Even though I don’t think they can pay to all the users who lost bats cause It would be too much.

also this all happened cause they pushed a update just before payment time.

“Arriving in x days” is only a reference. Brave team is mindful of this and they expect users to give their feedback on it. See here-

and notice-

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So when does it arrive then??

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Brave android updated - Pending earnings not transferred to Uphold account:
1- July earnings were separated and ready for transfer on payday 08/08.
2- July earnings disappeared from Brave rewards tab as expected but were not deposited into Uphold account.
3- only two devices are associated with the Uphold account (windows desktop and android smartphone).
4- the mobile phone was disconnected from Internet for a few hours.
5- Brave desktop earnings were transferred normally.

  • The value was very low and does not constitute a significant loss - the aim here is just to contribute for the transparency and for the better understanding of the platform and how it is supposed to work.
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are you serious? you unninstalled it because some random dude told you brave is trying to steal you something they are giving you?

the payment process started just 2 days ago – monthly ads payout status – is this your first payment?, because since last year the payment process always take several days, and the number of users keep increasing

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It’s not acceptable to turn users into beta testers, especially since it’s a browser that puts navigation security at stake, and now a user attention’s reward system. It won’t be by chance that Cardano is taking so long to implement smartcontracts and do things with academic validation - it’s to avoid this type of mess and letting users down.

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I’m not suggesting moving to the beta version.
I said it’s a temporary solution.

If it’s a beta version then it’s gonna be available in the next update.
So, just wait for the next update.

I also don’t use the beta version.

Hi @Mysteryo, payouts to verified wallets are still processing Monthly Ads Payout Status Update.


@Mitz please see my reply to your thread.

It is a cryptocurrencies, they can’t really run out of it.

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Brave also needs to buy Bat in-order to distribute.


lol wat ?
They created the token right ?

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Well, If you say that they can get unlimited bats then this all problem never would have arrived.
Yes, they created the name of their crypto currency but I don’t think they can just generate bats according to their own benefits.
you need to understand “how crypto currency works.”

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I’m pretty sure I know how crypto currencies works better than you since you just said the brave team have to buy their own tokens lol.

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So you mean they have unlimited bat right ? nonsense

Hope you read this kid

I did not uninstalled brave because of random dude told me, I did it because of my bad experience from the Reward, and this is not the first time taking the payment. Been almost a year that my bat token rewards are still not reflected on my Uphold Wallet. Even if the users are keep on increasing and whenever they encounter same issues and some of the support team base on my experience is just ignoring despite on how many times you follow up them with your issues eventually this browser will slowly lose their user. If you have good experience on the browser especially on the “Brave Rewards” then good for you and keep on using Brave :+1: :+1:. But for me nah~~ :thinking:


If you really wanna get rewards then you should never uninstall your brave as it resets the rewards which will make the situation worse than before.

I consider going back to Firefox myself. Brave isn’t worth it if they don’t pay me for the crypto ads that I’m bombarded with.

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