Not receiving full bat payments

Are you serious @steeven?
You don’t reply to our messages yet tow the line of DM wallet IDs. Where is the accountability? Own that there’s a widespread issue and address it. I speak for a lot of peoe when there sick of getting stonewalled and zero response from Brave.

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I agree 100%… As the Original Poster of this thread it is a bit disrespectful that I’ve had zero follow-up in weeks/months but other people replying are being asked for Wallet ID’s. I’ve sent my Wallet ID multiple times as asked and nothing. This is getting to be a joke honestly. Where’s the PR? I think we deserve to know what is going on regarding the situation. Just seems they’re taking more and more away from the users and community all the while their advertiser base keeps growing with bigger and bigger named corporations. First rewards are dramatically dropped, at least 90%, then referrals are cancelled. What’s next?

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@prc33y - I don’t have a message from you, but will gladly assist. I will begin a DM now.

@m4dpr0ph3ss0r, I’m here and happy to help. As noted above, I resolved your original issue.

I’m not sure what you mean by “I hope you greedy people choke on those corporate millions… This has gone on for half a year now and no fix, no public statement, and ignoring user base.”

How much BAT did you receive vs expected this month? I’ll create an issue for the team to review.


No the original issue has not been resolved. I received 3.8 BAT for November ad earnings and have been receiving between 3-4 BAT a month through ad earnings. What is expected is the payouts I was receiving each month for over a year now of 30-40 BAT. How when the number of ads haven’t changed, the amount of browsing time hasn’t changed, but my ad payouts go from 30-40 BAT a month to 3-4 BAT, how, has the issue been resolved? The payments are still reduced by 90% at least. So please enlighten me how has it been resolved?

Referencing this.

I’ll file an issue and have the dev team review the difference between your estimated and received earnings, and will refund your wallet in the meantime. Please keep your language above board. We’re a tiny team and are working hard to help our users. There’s no malicious intent here as proposed in your posts.


always problems about money haha
millions are spinning :joy: :joy: relax

You made a one time payment to make up for one month of screwed up payments resolved the issue? I should have anywhere between 120-160 BAT saved from the past couple months like I was receiving before. What about the past 4 or 5 months the payouts have remained at 3-4 BAT??? Why are you dodging the actual issue here? There is no discrepancies between estimated payout… The estimated payout says 3-4 each month and that’s what I get 3-4… What happened to the 30-40 BAT a month? That’s the problem… Not what estimated says versus what I get. Acknowledge the actual issue and that’s BAT ad payouts have reduced 90% versus the previous months!!!

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Thanks for following up @m4dpr0ph3ss0r. I now understand the issue that you’re reporting and will sync back with the team to troubleshoot. Please see our DM for the latest on your most recent refund.

I just logged into my Uphold account to gather information on previous months payouts and noticed it. Thank you for acknowledging the problem and payout. Attached are screenshots showing what I’m talking about in regards to reduced payments. If you’d like further history I can provide it in a different format, a lot of screenshots to take. But here you can clearly see around August/September ad payouts were reduced dramatically. At least 80-90%. This is the problem which I thought I made clear in the original post.



Steeven has responded to me in my direct messages and said he has filled an issue for the team to review. Hopefully I can hear some updates about this soon. The response was 4 days ago, so lets see if anything has changed. I understand they are a small team with a lot of user demand but hopefully they are able to get this worked out soon as some people for months have been getting improper amounts of money that they should be getting each month.

I have about 30 profiles on my computer and since the last 2 months I got about 20 or 25 BAT, only got paid about 5 BAT, I just received the payment for 4 profiles, December the same, got paid for only 1 profile. I’ve being active watching ads on all of my profiles, What is happening?

it looks like you started a company haha :joy:


Have not been paid my rewards since June…why?

Thats interesting, I would for sure DM one of the moderators here at the brave team to help you out. Still waiting from a response from steeven about my missing payout rewards, but hopefully things are going ok.


Thanks a bunch @m4dpr0ph3ss0r. Forwarding to the appropriate people.

@TrackRunny, I’ve heard back from the team on your issue. Can you send me a screenshot of your estimated earnings for the coming payout? Want to see if it matches what you’re actually paid on the 5th. Thanks in advance.

the year is 2086 and I have collected a whole 2 BATs :joy:



This is what it shows for me as of this time, however it used to show around this same balance for me months ago when I used to get 20 - 30 BAT payouts each month, so this estimated rewards button seems to be broken and showing an incorrect value.

I don’t received too, for 2 months. I sended DM for @steeven, but I waiting for you reply.

Any updates so far??