Not receiving full bat payments

@Quadceratops - please DM the info requested above:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

Pardon my ignorance, but have you actually read this thread? It’s lined with the same common issue that each person has detailed including myself. All that’s being done is to check each individual issue.

Would you not think there is a systematic issue here and it’s now been months and no actual public statement acknowledging it’s an issue and how Brave is addressing it?
P.S I’m pretty sure I asked the same thing previously and there’s been ZERO acknowledgement.


This is exactly my issue… I’m now halfway through the month of November and haven’t even hit 3 BAT. I’m pretty sure the estimated payout counter has completely stopped counting. The payout for the month of October was just ridiculous. The lack of public statement from the Brave team is very disappointing and is only further proof that it’s a deliberate problem. I have no faith in it being fixed. Let us eat cake as they say. Get plenty of ads but not being justly paid for it. Paying users here and there asking for multiple Wallet ID’s isn’t fixing the problem and only kicking the can further down the road hoping it’ll all blow over and be forgotten about. Well I’m not forgetting and it’ll either be fixed or I’ll campaign to expose the truth!

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Drop the conspiracy mate, of course it not a deliberate problem. It is in the best interest of Brave to fix this and grow a profitable business, not to make peanuts by cheating their early adopters.

However I feel your frustration. With all the investment and money behind this project you’d think they would get their s**t together by now. Are their backend developers incompetent? Or have they created an inefficient system that can’t scale? It’s a bit concerning.


@steeven i sent the message 2 days ago, still no response? Did you receive it correctly?

@steeven i have not received any payouts for months either… whats going on?

The problem with people complaining is we don’t know your country, and we don’t know how you use your browser. If you are in a country with a low about of available ads, your earnings will suffer. If you just leave various tabs open, not doing much, you may not get ads either. If you don’t leave your device with the browser active while away for 20 minutes, you’ll also get less ads.

No the problem is I’m an early adopter, in a supported country, browsing habits haven’t changed, amount of ads haven’t changed. What has changed however is the amount of BAT I’m receiving per ad and the amount of BAT that is being paid out monthly. Going from 30-40 BAT a month to not even being able to hit 3 BAT when there’s been no change on my part. It’s bullsh^t! I’ve supported and used Brave since before the ad payouts were even working, since the beta days. I’m also a KYC verified wallet and have been since the day the feature was rolled out, A verified publisher and creator. I’ve made no changes on my end and have done what I was supposed to do and this is how I (and countless other Brave users) have been treated. After we helped build the user base this is the thanks we get? So no @141 that’s not the problem.

The problem is as they’ve stated in the last e-mail I received.

““Your support helped drive Brave to over 20M monthly active users, building momentum towards a web that respects users.””

Well all these new users have no idea they’re getting scraps for payouts and the people that helped build that 20M user base are getting screwed over and forgotten. A web that respects users my ass. Where’s the public statement?? I’ve asked a thousand times, “Are payments being reduced?” No reply. I get asked for my wallet ID to help identify issues and then it’s forgotten about after. So if there’s no conspiracy here it would be awful surprising because the evidence and actions of the Dev/Brave team points to that being the case. How come this didn’t happen until corporate interests started advertising? How come this didn’t happen until BAT hit all time high in price? WHY IS IT HAPPENING NOW FOR THAT MATTER?? We deserve answers!

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30-40 BAT is over their idea of $5-10 worth of BAT per month. I’ll be lucky to hit $4 worth this month if it’s correct. I think it all comes down to funding and improvements in the code that might be repeating ads less. Also the ads could be more specific, so it’s harder to qualify for them. They don’t have the funding they need because they aren’t getting the volume of ads they want. The estimated rewards part is garbage too. I feel it must inflate too high with ad repeats and then people receive less.

Maybe the change was after you updated to certain version of Brave. If you use a old version and don’t update, I wonder what the results would be then.

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Earnings were expected to drop as more people opted into rewards. I’ve gone from 30 per month down to 1 or 2, and some days I see no ads at all. But this will likely change as more advertisers come in when the self-serve platform is lauched in 2021. It’s still early stage technology. Give it another year and lets see how things turn out.

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@steeven still no reply…