Not receiving full bat payments

@steeven i have not received any payouts for months either… whats going on?

The problem with people complaining is we don’t know your country, and we don’t know how you use your browser. If you are in a country with a low about of available ads, your earnings will suffer. If you just leave various tabs open, not doing much, you may not get ads either. If you don’t leave your device with the browser active while away for 20 minutes, you’ll also get less ads.

No the problem is I’m an early adopter, in a supported country, browsing habits haven’t changed, amount of ads haven’t changed. What has changed however is the amount of BAT I’m receiving per ad and the amount of BAT that is being paid out monthly. Going from 30-40 BAT a month to not even being able to hit 3 BAT when there’s been no change on my part. It’s bullsh^t! I’ve supported and used Brave since before the ad payouts were even working, since the beta days. I’m also a KYC verified wallet and have been since the day the feature was rolled out, A verified publisher and creator. I’ve made no changes on my end and have done what I was supposed to do and this is how I (and countless other Brave users) have been treated. After we helped build the user base this is the thanks we get? So no @141 that’s not the problem.


The problem is as they’ve stated in the last e-mail I received.

““Your support helped drive Brave to over 20M monthly active users, building momentum towards a web that respects users.””

Well all these new users have no idea they’re getting scraps for payouts and the people that helped build that 20M user base are getting screwed over and forgotten. A web that respects users my ass. Where’s the public statement?? I’ve asked a thousand times, “Are payments being reduced?” No reply. I get asked for my wallet ID to help identify issues and then it’s forgotten about after. So if there’s no conspiracy here it would be awful surprising because the evidence and actions of the Dev/Brave team points to that being the case. How come this didn’t happen until corporate interests started advertising? How come this didn’t happen until BAT hit all time high in price? WHY IS IT HAPPENING NOW FOR THAT MATTER?? We deserve answers!

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30-40 BAT is over their idea of $5-10 worth of BAT per month. I’ll be lucky to hit $4 worth this month if it’s correct. I think it all comes down to funding and improvements in the code that might be repeating ads less. Also the ads could be more specific, so it’s harder to qualify for them. They don’t have the funding they need because they aren’t getting the volume of ads they want. The estimated rewards part is garbage too. I feel it must inflate too high with ad repeats and then people receive less.

Maybe the change was after you updated to certain version of Brave. If you use a old version and don’t update, I wonder what the results would be then.

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Earnings were expected to drop as more people opted into rewards. I’ve gone from 30 per month down to 1 or 2, and some days I see no ads at all. But this will likely change as more advertisers come in when the self-serve platform is lauched in 2021. It’s still early stage technology. Give it another year and lets see how things turn out.


@steeven still no reply…

still no reply @steeven

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Yet another month of worthless payouts. Oh and now I’m getting Ads from The NY Times. Gee it’s awful funny the bigger and bigger corporate advertisers that start buying space from Brave and our payouts per month drop from 30-40 to 3-4 BAT. The problem isn’t going to be fixed which is why we’re not getting any answers. They’re just paying users individually in hopes they’ll shut up and move on all while the new users are oblivious to the fact they’re getting scrap payments. I hope you greedy people choke on those corporate millions… This has gone on for half a year now and no fix, no public statement, and ignoring user base. Tell me again this isn’t intentional?! Helped to build the user base, verified publisher and creator, KYC/AML verified and this is how I’m treated along with millions of other users that are in the same position as me! Ridiculous!


yes cant even check the monthly statements cause we cant change the month the box is stuck.


same with me it’s stuck in december

Same here, received 3.500 BAT but my estimated reward is around 140 BAT (since months ago)… :frowning:

Same deal here, getting another crappy payout this month. Could someone please look into this, I can provide all info as needed.

@steeven or someone please help thank you.

@TrackRunny - please DM your wallet ID. Thank you.

Are you serious @steeven?
You don’t reply to our messages yet tow the line of DM wallet IDs. Where is the accountability? Own that there’s a widespread issue and address it. I speak for a lot of peoe when there sick of getting stonewalled and zero response from Brave.

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I agree 100%… As the Original Poster of this thread it is a bit disrespectful that I’ve had zero follow-up in weeks/months but other people replying are being asked for Wallet ID’s. I’ve sent my Wallet ID multiple times as asked and nothing. This is getting to be a joke honestly. Where’s the PR? I think we deserve to know what is going on regarding the situation. Just seems they’re taking more and more away from the users and community all the while their advertiser base keeps growing with bigger and bigger named corporations. First rewards are dramatically dropped, at least 90%, then referrals are cancelled. What’s next?

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@prc33y - I don’t have a message from you, but will gladly assist. I will begin a DM now.

@m4dpr0ph3ss0r, I’m here and happy to help. As noted above, I resolved your original issue.

I’m not sure what you mean by “I hope you greedy people choke on those corporate millions… This has gone on for half a year now and no fix, no public statement, and ignoring user base.”

How much BAT did you receive vs expected this month? I’ll create an issue for the team to review.


No the original issue has not been resolved. I received 3.8 BAT for November ad earnings and have been receiving between 3-4 BAT a month through ad earnings. What is expected is the payouts I was receiving each month for over a year now of 30-40 BAT. How when the number of ads haven’t changed, the amount of browsing time hasn’t changed, but my ad payouts go from 30-40 BAT a month to 3-4 BAT, how, has the issue been resolved? The payments are still reduced by 90% at least. So please enlighten me how has it been resolved?