Not receiving February rewards, date changed from 6 March to 6 April without receiving Fabruary ones

Why my date of receiving rewards had changed to 6 April and still not receive the February rewards ?
I did not receive my rewards from February, it still shows estimated rewards and now changed to April 6 not receiving the February rewards. !
I need to make a clean reset on my laptop and i was waiting till 6 March to do that. If i make a clean install i will lose my rewards, i dont want to lose them ! I have to wait again till April ?
Please Help.


is your wallet verified?

Yes it is verified, my rewards are still on (Estimated) i do not have the button do Reclaim rewards.
I am ok with the time to receiving them, the only issue to me is that i have to wait as a i am in a hurry to make a clean reset on my PC :sweat_smile:

That only appears to unverified wallets, for verified wallets the bats are sen automatically to the linked uphold account. (When is his turn for the payment :joy:)

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