Not receiving brave rewards

I haven’t received February rewards, also rewards are barely worth having brave browser and the U.I is not very good and can be difficult to navigate. Pretty much brave browser is just waste of time and has too many issues. More viable options are available and I will soon drop brave and go with a more professional browser. Very disappointed as I’ve recommended brave to most of my friends and all I’ve got from them is negative feedback

Hello @bennybtc1. Could you please list some of issues you or your friend have found? In this way the devs can try to eliminate those.

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Very few of my friends including myself are not receiving rewards, absolutely zero rewards on mobile. Problems with wallet syncing, poor user interface when compared to other browsers. I’ve been using brave for a very long time and have seen little to no improvement. Very disappointing and embarrassing after bragging about brave being the future. Until brave can be consistent with rewards and make the user interface easy to navigate for people that aren’t tech savvy then I don’t see mass adoption. Also I’ve not saved any time at all compared to other more popular and easier to use browsers. Thank you and good luck

No one have taken rewards from mobile device. The way is work in progress.

No one can made wallet syncing. For the moment can be sync only bookmarks.

I think are not few the improvements: At “About Brave” you can follow all the changes from one variant to the new.

Agree totally with you. The team is working for this.

And this what is:

I think that you one day will like Brave. Until that day good luck and thank you for the list. :slight_smile: I am an user like you but with a little more patience.

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